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Get Down & Dirty, Then Get The Hell Out

I did something really stupid. I fucked ML last night and just realized the mistake this morning. I know, I know it was a really stupid thing to get involved with ML especially since he is supposedly with his old high school girlfriend. Considering, we fucked last night, I doubt he is still with his old girlfriend or the two had a fight. All I know was I needed someone to speak to about a few certain topics and ML was willing to lend his ear. The whole 'one thing led to another' does not really apply considering as soon as ML walked through the door, I grabbed him by the belt of his jeans and pulled him into my bedroom. He did not fight it or tell me to back off considering off came his shoes and jacket to leave it trailed behind us on the way to my room.

Not So Vanilla Date

I was pleasantly surprised by Vanilla Guy because he is not so vanilla after all. Of course, he was the most awkward and blushing male I have met which I adored but the male impressed me beyond my expectations. Let me give you a run down of what happened with as much detail as I could remember but considering I like to keep notes on people, it should not be too hard to retype up the experience.


Summer Classes, I Will Own Your Ass

I started my summer classes and I will be put to the grind for the next few weeks. Each class is two days a week for four hours. Yes, four hours in a classroom having to interact and shove every bit of information into my head in a four hour time span. The first class I have is Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior and as the title states, I am going to be learning about human sexual behavior. I flipped through the textbook I rented for the next few weeks (I am not shelling out 150 bucks for a book) and saw the various topics which could be discussed in class. The topics talk about lust, desire, same-sex marriage, polyamory, polygamy and even more delicious topics to discuss with other students in the class. Nonetheless, four hours might kill me but I will get through it in order to get rid of a class I might have had to take during the fall semester over the course of five months.

I Want Your Sex, No, Your Sex, The One On The Left!

Back in San Francisco and it feels good to take in the semi-cold air and not have to sweat my imaginary balls off. What? You never thought you had imaginary balls? I know I do especially when I need them to confront someone or show another to back off of my crotch. I have even said the old, 'Get off of my nuts', which gets a few questionable looks from me especially if I say it in San Francisco. I know I could never pull off dressing in drag and the last time I tried it, my breasts gave me away as a woman. What can I say, my two gals like to show themselves off and hate to be bundled up or even duct taped flat. Hell, I would need a whole roll of duct tape to try and get them as flat as a board to pull off being a man for a few hours. However, I rather not go through the trouble of ripping off my flesh or even my nipples once I try to get the duct tape off of me. Still, just another adventure I have taken in San Francisco.


I Left My Heart & Maybe My Wallet In San Francisco

Only a few more days before I head back to the city to start up my lovely routine once more. I know I have to get through a slew of things and I am glad for my planner. Already, I have filled that puppy up with dates, appointments, interviews, dates, submissives, friends, familia, the whole she bang. Who says she bang anymore? Same thing as hip from what I recently encountered with a male submissive I have been chatting up through email. Always intriguing to hear about words which I have forgotten about or have not heard in a while.


Busy, Not So Busy, Alright, Somewhat Busy

Busy, busy, busy, I have been busy all over the place. Alright that is slightly a lie. I have been too busy lazying about with familia, friends and submissives to do much of anything other than enjoy myself by sleeping, eating, flirting and maybe spanking a few individuals. Though I fear the fun times will be over when I return back to the city to continue the summer courses. At least one of the classes will be about Human Sexual Behavior. What? I may be going back to use up the rest of my summer on classes but I never signed up for boring or dull classes. In fact, even the English class will be discussing vampires as the subject for papers and discussions. After having seen last night's episode of True Blood, I am sure people are going to be talking about the sex scene for months to come.

Published On A Sex Blogging Site, Oh Baby, Baby!

I threw my whip into the blogging ring with She Loves Sex and submitted one of my blog posts that readers have seen called Submissive and My Paddle. I am overjoyed to see it on another website especially since She Loves Sex is compromised of articles written by female writers. Men, I love you just as much as the next man lover but sometimes, I do enjoy reading a few articles written by and for women.

Hopefully, I will continue to submit blog posts to various sites including She Loves Sex since you know a girl likes to get around. Alright, that sounded a bit whorish but that is moi for you.

---Miss Marguerite

Goodbye My Lover, Hope To Never See You Again

I finally talked to ML face to face when I came into town to finalize a few things with the roommate situation. Nothing bad is going on with the roommates, only that Big Black Chocolate Thunder is leaving the apartment due to financial problems. In her place, is a new female roommate whom I have dubbed her 'Shortcake' for a few non-vanilla reasons.

Before I arrived in town, I had talked to ML over the phone about a secure place to meet where we had privacy but we knew not to blow up if there was public around. The one thing we can agree on is not wanting to end up in front of the video camera uploaded to youtube because we were not adult enough to keep our blow outs from getting out of hand. A past lover got off on verbally fighting with moi in front of people. At first, it had been something to amuse him if it got him hard as woodpecker but after while, it became more of a chore and draining than foreplay.

Friends With Benefits, His Lush Behind!

Last night, I ended up in an argument with a male lover. Over what? Over the fact he became enraged when he heard that I was seeing other people behind his back. Let me explain how the conversation started and how it ended up with him asking me if I was saying these lies or acting this way to get him to officially say he was my 'boyfriend'.

Talk Dirty British To Me

August 18th, Day 2 - Talk Dirty British To Me...

The alarm from the roommate woke me up. It did not matter because even with the five hours of sleep I somehow found myself wide awake. Insomnia is a killer to have and I blame it on the change. Change is good and with San Francisco, the BDSM community is bigger and more open to accept this lifestyle Domme. Even now, there are munches (social gatherings) coming around the area for me to visit. For now, I want to explore what is outside my door or in the neighborhood.

Such A Lazy Vacation For This Domme

My vacation has been lazy, wonderful and stressing in every sense of the world. I came to visit the familia to get away from the quick and uppity beat of San Francisco. Now, I love San Francisco, but the place never fucking sleeps. It keeps going and going and going like the damn energizer bunny. It never lets up and almost tries to hump my leg on a few occasions when I do not get out the spray bottle to get it away from my sore leg.

e[lust] #15

Photo courtesy of Sexy Tiger X

Betrayal of Love

I betrayed you.
I know I did you wrong.
Yet, you looked so pretty baby.

Oh so pretty baby.
Can you see just how those tears keep me coming back?
Bringing me back to hurt you.

Take it like a man.
Take it like a woman.
How do you want to take it?

How do you want it?
This hurt of mine?

I will give you the choice.
Before I betray you again.
Hurt you again.

I love you.
You hate me.
We are the perfect match.

Our betrayal of love.

---Miss Marguerite

This came to me after seeing the betrayal of a friend almost bring him to the point of wanting to hurt others like he was wronged.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of...Sex?

Sexual dreams. Do I have them? Yes? Do I remember them? Not exactly. Instead, I remember a feeling or even a smell about the dream. Yes, a smell or a look. Maybe even a glance. Oh yes, glances from strangers or even glancing at an object can bring back the rush of the dream. Almost like a deja-vu except I call it a sexual-vu.

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