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Busy, Not So Busy, Alright, Somewhat Busy

Busy, busy, busy, I have been busy all over the place. Alright that is slightly a lie. I have been too busy lazying about with familia, friends and submissives to do much of anything other than enjoy myself by sleeping, eating, flirting and maybe spanking a few individuals. Though I fear the fun times will be over when I return back to the city to continue the summer courses. At least one of the classes will be about Human Sexual Behavior. What? I may be going back to use up the rest of my summer on classes but I never signed up for boring or dull classes. In fact, even the English class will be discussing vampires as the subject for papers and discussions. After having seen last night's episode of True Blood, I am sure people are going to be talking about the sex scene for months to come.

Speaking of sex scenes, ML contacted me last night as I was about to go to bed. He wanted some advice on how to properly take someone out on a date. I believe what we had as a date consisted of going to the movies to watch Clash of the Titans only to end up with leaving half way through the movie to have a glorious fuck session in his car. We were careful to park in a dark corner but I think people noticed the fogged up windows. Back to what I originally wanted to say, ML needed advice on how to take someone out on a date followed by sensually seducing his girl from high school. Seems he finally is going to go one hundred percent at his old high school girlfriend which I am damn glad of and relieved. There is of course some awkwardness since we used to throw sexual innuendos back and forth like it was a damn contest to get the other person hot and bothered. Now, we are having to traverse around such items since I do not want to open up the floodgates once more.

Right now, I am able to give him a bit of advice while at the same time trying to keep this heat wave hitting the Valley from killing me. I must not be an one hundred percent California girl because even I cannot handle this damn 107 weather. I am itching to take a jump in the pool but it would save me little from getting overheated once more when I step out of it to dry. Nonetheless, a cool glass of iced water keeps me sane and able to give a few pointers to ML on how to close the deal without resorting to a XXX movie and eating her out within twenty minutes of picking her up from her place. That story will be for another blog post but I am glad ML is able to come to the realization of focusing in one someone rather than spread the love around and expect everyone to be faithful only to him. Never going to work like that and glad to be done with the situation.

After I give him a few options, we get to talking about how we are going to handle things once classes start up once again. He and I will be in one class together and I doubt we will be able to avoid one another. I let him know we could be acquaintances but a friendship did not look like the best of options. Plus, I have no clue how his old girlfriend is going to react f the two are still dating and she wonders about me. How is he going to explain to her that he was fucking me all the while he was fucking her? I never asked him if he told her about us but I rather not have a crazy girlfriend accusing me of being a whore or trying to hone in on her boyfriend. If everyone recalls, I do not care about ML as much as this old high school does if she is still hooking up with ML. Still, I plan to keep a distance if the girlfriend pops up around campus or at the exit door to the classroom.

Can a girl not have male and female problems?

---Miss Marguerite


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Oh it was, I had to look away

Oh it was, I had to look away while the baby nephew was clapping and laughing himself silly to see Lorena's head twist.

That twisted head was highly

That twisted head was highly disturbing. You definitely deserve to be "lazy" sometimes. You'll blog when you're good and ready. I haven't had much time either lately.

-Sophie Delancey

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