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The Tale Of Haight Man

The Haight Man

January 18-19th, 2011

What the hell was I thinking? I was going to meet someone who I barely knew for a movie date. Wait. No. Not like a movie date considering we are just going to be in his room, talking and watching a movie. Plus, I doubt him or I thought it was going to be a date. However, I had to take a Muni and a bus to get to his place since he lives in Upper Haight. I wish he lived closer but then again, then it would take the fun out of seeing a few of the places I have yet to visit frequently. I have visited Haight a few times but not in a long time since classes started up but I did visit when I had to do a team bonding experience.

The Muni ride was fine but the bus ride was cramped and somehow my bladder thought it was a great time to let moi know that I had to use a bathroom. I stopped at a street before the place and asked someone on the street to direct moi to the nearest food establishment to use the bathroom. The woman was kind to give moi directions and she even offered to sell me marijuana which I declined. I found Haight Man waiting on the corner, in jeans and t-shirt, of course with shoes on and I was glad to see his beard was not out of control like the dreaded Beard Man. He opened the door to his apartment complex and I followed in after him, walked into his place and right into his bedroom.

His place was bigger than I expected since the Haight usually are shoe boxes with individuals cramming four or five people into a small ass area for a high rent fee. A friend tried to get me to room with her in Upper Haight with a rent of fifteen hundred bucks for a shared room. No fucking way. Fifteen hundred dollars is like three months rent for moi and I was not about to blow it on a shoe box of an apartment with no utilities included in the place. Hell, the place was above a fucking head shop and it would take moi a bus and a Muni M line to get to class each morning and being sketchy at night.

Still, I was impressed by how he decorated his humble man cave. His bed was on the floor just like the last male I enjoyed a movie with, remember him? Not So Vanilla Guy? Oh, I have a story to tell you about him considering I invited him over to my place back in October and that is the end of him. For good. I promise you all. As for Haight Man, his bed at least was bigger than the twin bed Not So Vanilla Guy had on the floor. He had a flat screen stacked on top of a dresser, along with a bookshelf and more cabinets to put his clothes away. I settled myself on the one chair he had in the room and leaned against the silver table which I noticed bottles, magazines and many other clutter which told moi about him.

From the few pieces of items I could see on the table, he is well-read and enjoys his drinks judging by the many bottles of alcohol lining the shelves above and against one side of the wall. I was impressed by his selection of alcohol and wondered what were his favorite brands. Nonetheless, I let my eyes linger around the room while keeping attention to where Haight Man was in the room. He moved from one place to another in order to clean up his room. I mentioned the state of my own bedroom which is true considering I have to clean it up every once in a while unless I want to find my way out of the apartment. Sometimes I do not get around to cleaning. That is for another story.

The conversation was good, the topics ranged from visiting familia, Spanish culture, a bit of people we knew in our lives, and many other topics. I did not feel awkward or a bit hesitant in speaking with him. I kept my eyes on him as he moved back and forth, wondering just how much clothes he had to put away. Haight Man is very particular about his clothes and inwardly, I complimented him on his style of clothing thought a shit load of his stuff was wrinkled. I was almost tempted to ask him if he wanted to throw it in the dryer to get out the wrinkles but I stopped knowing it was not my place and I barely knew the guy. Plus, I had some wrinkled shirts in my own dresser that I needed to de-wrinkle soon if I wanted to wear it out and about.

When it came time to watch a movie, I looked up towards the collection of DVD's he had and pondered about what I was in the mood for; I would always be in the mood for horror movies but I wanted a bit of thriller. My eyes caught the side view of Death Proof and I pointed it out to him. My short size stops me from reaching for a lot of items but he was tall enough to snatch the dvd off of the shelf and pop it into the DVD. Finally, I went over towards his bed after sitting down in the lone chair. My ass managed to get molded by the bed which made me wonder if he had one of those special beds that made you feel as if you were on a cloud. I crossed my legs and I still had my jacket one, wondering whether or not he would lay on the bed or just settle himself in the chair while we watched Death proof.

He finally answered the question when he walked over and laid on the bed, each of us side by side. The movie started and we chatted about many topics though I was still in my jacket and I leaned up to remove it, enjoying the soft comforter against the skin I was showing off which were my arms. I still looked him over from the corner of my eyes but Death Proof is a favorite movie of mine which distracted me enough to let the minutes roll by and the conversation take over. Hell, I was glad to be enjoying the company of someone who was not going to bore me to death or get pouty over not getting sex. Really men and women, pouting because you do not get sex is not going to get you pity sex. Instead, you are going to get shown the door and told to come back when you grow up. A bit off task but Haight Man was delivering on being a good boy and not pawing at me during the movies.

When his roommate came in, I welcomed to get to know someone new instead of feeling interrupted or bereft like some women feel at having their movie something interrupted. I could see the female roommate needed to speak to Haight Man and I tried to give them as much privacy as I could but the fact I was in his bed, watching Death Proof and she was in the doorway made having privacy a problem. Nonetheless, I tried to keep my eyes on the movie and not listening in on what was going on. Nope, I am not going to say what happened since it is there business to tell and I doubt it would be courteous to be telling Haight Man's business without his consent. Though he is going to end up reading this blog since he has read a few articles about my sexual and Domme exploits. Haight Man, if you are reading this, you have a great ass just letting you know.

Now, Haight Man had to deal with some stuff with the roommate which left moi to watch Death Proof, snuggle behind my jacket for warmth and text a few friends about what I was up to; I always text a friend or two to let them know where I am in case someone went psychotic maniac and tried to take moi hostage. Yes, it happened with a female date who just would not let me leave and tried to block moi in the bathroom in order to continue the date at the Mexican restaurant. What a crazy bitch. As for being alone in the room, I merely watched Death Proof and wondered whether I would have to hail a cab if I stayed past the time Muni kept running. I hate how Muni stopped their services after midnight and would leave your ass stranded or cut anything short if I wanted to hang out a little longer with Haight Man.

Haight Man returned a few minutes later and I asked him how things went, but again, not about to tell you all what was talked over. If you want to ask, then ask Haight Man but I scooted over to let him get on his side of the bed. No matter what, I always end up on the left side of the bed if you are laying on it or the right side if you are standing up and looking down on the bed. I enjoy being on the left side since it is my comfort spot whenever I go back home to visit or if I sleep in a bed with someone. There I was on his bed, cold as a motherfucker and trying to catch some warmth underneath my jacket. When Haight Man noticed the fact I was snuggling my jacket, he offered the rest of his bed sheets to warm myself up and mentioned the lack of heating in the apartment. I can feel his pain since I almost paid a slew of money for heating in the hardwood apartment when I first moved to San Francisco.

I laid beneath the sheets and tried to get warm considering the cold was seeping in the spaces of the windows behind the bed. His bed is on the ground below the three large windows facing the street outside. It was nice to see a movie with Haight Man who I am attracted towards but needed to read his gauge on how he felt about moi. Given his history of dating crazy bitches, I wondered if he assumed I was in the same lot since I do slut it around and enjoy the promiscuity I acquired since I moved to San Francisco. Of course if I do end up in relationships which have been one or two since coming here, I make sure not to end up straying my eyes towards another. Then again, if the person I am involved with is not putting any effort, then I start looking elsewhere. I am not about to put all of my effort into a relationship and end up with less than one percent.

Right now, I was not thinking about one percent or effort because I was more into the movie and being comfortable with Haight Man. Haight Man put moi at ease and I was not getting the creeper or psycho vibes from him I usually get within a few hours of meeting someone. When I get the creeper vibes, I get out the pepper spray and jab them in the throat before excusing myself to catch a cab. It was amusing that I enjoyed myself and not once did I put my hands on him in a sexual manner. Well, the brush against his crotch was truly an accident since I was stroking his roommate's cat and my hand must have located his cock. I am more pleased to have wiped the bad taste of Beard Guy from my mouth and the awkward date we went on with this Death Proof movie screening.

During the movie, he kept receiving text messages from his buddies wanting him to go out drinking with them. He managed to put them off for a little while in order to watch the movie with moi but it was starting to get late and it seemed his friends were pretty demanding of him to get drunk as a skunk. Myself, I had to get back in order to show my half of the shared room to a potential roommate in the morning. If I did not get going, I would have ended up paying a cab or walking my happy as a few miles back to my apartment. The end of Death Proof would have to wait for another time as I gathered my things and the two of us headed out of his apartment.

He went one way and I went in the other direction to catch the bus which would take moi to Forest Hill station and take the M line back to my apartment. Unfortunately, I was not about to wait thirty minutes outside in the cold and was lucky enough to hail down a cab which was there dropping off another couple to their apartment. The driver was polite and I asked him about the amount it would take to get back to my apartment. Twenty bucks he said which was not bad considering I was out in Haight and it is a tricky area to drive back to my part of the city. During the cab ride, Haight Man texted moi and I had a bit of fun cursing his drunk friend over the lost chance for Haight Man to grab my breasts or for a nice make out session. I have to say, I would have made out with Haight Man but I was having way too much fucking fun enjoying his company.

I went back to the apartment, fifteen dollars less but at least I got back to my apartment before midnight. My other roommate, N., was nowhere to be found and I was fine with it considering she was at least safe if she was out and about. Lately, I wondered whether she was hooking up just at the same rate I was going because she had a male over for the past two days and holed him up in her room. I never once saw him leave her room except to use the bathroom but I knew he was here because of his shoes. Now, as I removed my make up, shirked off my jeans, t-shirt and other items, I thought about Haight Man's lips. He had nice kissable lips though I never kissed them. Just as I was ready to head off to bed, I received a text close to twelve-thirty, just around the time my body was getting ready to lay down for the night.

Haight Man was drunk texting moi which amused me to no end because he asked moi if I could receive picture messages. I assumed one of his friends was really drunk and he wanted to show moi just how drunk the friend was; it was not what I expected and instead it was a naked picture of him. Sorry readers, you are not going to be shown any of the naked pictures Haight Man showed moi because those are for my eyes alone. Though you can imagine a naked male with a nice ass and a nice cock. He sent me one naked picture through his phone before we started to talk, all the while I am wondering just how drunk he is and whether he is going to remember this conversation the following morning. I have had people give up a lot of information while drunk or do something amusing while drunk and never remember a thing the following morning other than a raging headache.

The texting went back and forth until it started to get a bit sexual. He talked about porn and he let me know he was watching porn at the same time we were chatting online a few hours ago. The texting went into online chatting and for him getting sexually aroused and getting off online. I received various pictures which of course, I am keeping to myself but I will say the man is well endowed.

Haight Man and I were supposed to get together on Wednesday, which was yesterday, for a sex marathon. Unfortunately, he had other plans and I assumed he forgot about it during his drunken stupor. Such a damn shame since I had planned to fuck him from the time I was at his place until morning when he had to leave for class and I left to meet up with a few friends for breakfast. Oh well, then again, that might fall into one of his faults that he mentioned during our conversations online.

However, Haight Man comes with his down falls. Apparently, he is mostly interested in those crazy psycho bitches that have a long list of prescriptions for their ailments. One of the few times he tries to date non-crazy, he ends up getting bored and now does not want to really look for anyone or put effort into someone. Yes, he is one of those men who might have been screwed over one too many times by ex's and keeps going for them because maybe he wants different results. Is that not what Einstein called insanity? Repeating the same thing over and over again in order to try and get different results? Maybe he wants to find a crazy bitch who is not going to go AWOL on him and actually be there for him. The likelihood of him wanting anything with moi, a non-prescription loving bitch, is less than twenty percent? Why? I am not a crazy bitch unless it is that time of the month and I actually enjoy being in a relationship with someone else without bailing on them. Granted, I am dating around at the moment but I have been in relationships where I can keep my pussy in my pants.

Will Haight Man and I go out or will he end up disappearing on moi never to be heard from again? I do not know but if he disappears, at least I have a movie night to remember and he might have lost out on a good friend. Yes, I will toot my own god damn horn because frankly, I can be a great friend or a lover. Still, we shall see.

Until next time,

Miss Marguerite


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I agree with your assumption.

I agree with your assumption.

Very awesome, Miss Marg!

Very awesome, Miss Marg!

It was a good read Marguerite

It was a good read Marguerite I really enjoyed reading it, so kudos you get props from me.

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