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About Miss Marguerite...

Born from a whip and an apple, as the rumor mills like to say, Miss Marguerite is a blogger, a writer, a friend and many other items. Music and books are her greatest vices along with the usual box of chocolates. Miss Marguerite talks about BDSM in general, sexual roleplaying, tips, advice, romance, her life in San Francisco and her general experiences in the BDSM scene. Marguerite can be found trying to traverse the lines of being a lifestyle Domme and living in the Vanilla world, hoping she is able to mesh both sides without too much of a mess. One can find Marguerite in the streets, singing off key or find her in a bedroom smacking a lucky individuals bottom. At the moment, Marguerite resides in the lovely West Coast specifically San Francisco, the place for LGBT and BDSM communities.

Enjoy the ride and try not to get too red in the bottom.

Twitter: MsMarguerite
Tumblr: Miss Marguerite's Tumblr