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Not So Vanilla Date

I was pleasantly surprised by Vanilla Guy because he is not so vanilla after all. Of course, he was the most awkward and blushing male I have met which I adored but the male impressed me beyond my expectations. Let me give you a run down of what happened with as much detail as I could remember but considering I like to keep notes on people, it should not be too hard to retype up the experience.

At the beginning, I was angry and frustrated that what I thought would be a date instead ended up with receiving a text two hours before of getting coffee or tea because he had to jet out pretty quickly. I had to change things around to make the slot happen and while there was a pissed off part that wanted to cancel, instead, I took a deep breath and went through with it. Better to see if I am missing anything exciting than to always wonder if something could have happened over hot chocolate. Though I have to give a lot of thanks to Izu for giving the other perspective and changing my mind about asking if the date could be moved to another time rather than have to rush through a meet and greet. Without Izu, I might have missed out on a good time or had a dark 'fuck off' mood towards Vanilla Guy.

The place to meet was close to the apartment and it was a five minute walk. I took a route that passes by any major restaurants or foot traffic since I did want to end up in a group of freshman and their parents looking around the campus with a tour guide. I am glad I skipped out on the first two years of college by going to a community college to save up on money and have a bit more experience with juggling college classes. It took me only but a few minutes but I had to keep stopping because the damn winds kept blowing my hair into my face and having donned lip gloss, my hair stuck to my lips. Never a pleasant experience and I made it to the Cafe without having a slew of lip gloss sticking the ends of my hair together.

Now I will admit, I saw the back of his head and his cardigans from the photographs but I chose to walk past him and sit at another table. I wanted him to get up and walk on over to moi instead of sitting down in front of him. I admit I wanted the upper hand and when I sat, I placed my feet beneath the table, crossed them and sat back to wait it out. I took my phone out of my pocket and texted him that I was here at the confirmed meeting place and merely waiting for him now. I whistled and thought about what to talk about with him or even see if there was anything that could be talked about upon first meeting. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him and his cardigan walk past me as he introduced himself and sat down at the table.

Now, I have to say he looks charming with his cardigan, band shirt and the rest of his clothes. He reminds me of an Indie individual or someone who enjoys the simple things to put on their body instead of going for the Juicy Couture or the two hundred pair of skinny jeans to put on a male's torso. Considering I live in San Francisco, I see a lot of good men stretching and pushing their asses into skin tight items which is only going to do harm if the pants rip at the seam, are not able to sit down or have a lower sperm count because their boys are in their very own sauna. At least Vanilla Guy knew how to dress up and I gave him mental points for it but I wondered if he was doing it because he did not care about buying expensive items or those were the only things he has in his whole close that is clean.

The two of us started off with introducing ourselves with the basics. What our names were, ages, where we grew up, when did we move to San Francisco, the things one would say upon meeting someone for the first time. Oddly enough, he was open about himself than I assumed from any male who I have come across. Not trying to throw all of the male population into the same category but it usually takes to pulling teeth to get much out of the ones I do come upon. It becomes a frustrating task and ends up with me giving up on playing head games or having to play charades. He is not trying to play games nor did he look as if he could try, the poor male. He looked positively nervous and there were moments where we did not say a word to one another and instead looked in different directions.

When we did talk, the topics were slowly getting better and we were finding a rhythm. Around us people were going off to their cars, finding warm shelter in the buildings, going to the Hershey building to study and generally batting things down for the day. After five all of the summer classes are done for the day and the summer hours for places to eat close down around five. I managed to miss getting a hot chocolate from the Cafe but it was fine since I was not in the mood to burn my tongue on hot chocolate and have it hinder my speech capabilities.

As the conversation continued, I found the word to describe my interactions with Vanilla Guy was interesting. Interesting? Yes, because the way he acted, I could see he was nervous and he has this thing with needing to hold something in his hands. He is a very tactile individual which I enjoy seeing very much and makes me ponder over what else I can put in his hands to tap and stroke. Oh the many possibilities. Throughout the get together, I mentioned the tactile amusement and even watched him tap his fingers against a plastic cup all the while he looked embarrassed about it. It is those quirks which endear me to people beyond the first impression he or she try to put on for everyone. Makes it easier to see if I am going to end up with a new friend or a new enemy.

After an hour or so of talking, I asked him if he needed to get going by the text message he sent me. I was enjoying myself but he had things to do and I needed to get going on packing up what I would bring for the weekend with the familia. Usually I brought dirty laundry, my purse, two days' worth of clothing (usually I did not bring any since I had clothes I left at the familia compound to wear around the house or with the weather) and my pretty self for the weekends. I waited for him to look at his watch and realize he did need to get going to wherever it was which was the library as I later found out from our conversation. Instead, he brushed off the need to go to the library and instead asked if I had to get going too. Well, since he was canceling his plan to sleep in the library, I could give him another hour or so of my life. I had planned to leave early the next morning to beat out lunchtime traffic, so what the hell.

What the hell my growling stomach. I guess the ham and cheese sandwich along with the Special K bar and the bottle of water was not cutting it as a lunch. That is usually the bulk of what I eat since my stomach has shrunk ever since I stopped over eating out of boredom or without any good reason. Usually, I spread out my meals in four hour increments and to snack in between I have yogurt, graham crackers, water or a few pieces of fruit. Plus it always helps not to go through my week's worth of groceries because I am nervous or stressed out and the only way I can relax is with a bag of chips. Not a great concept to put into motion and it only ends up with having a stomach ache and buying another bag of chips.

I voiced my hunger to Vanilla Guy and asked if we could get something to eat. He and I headed off to Subway, the wind whipping at my hair and grateful that I had worn a sweater instead of bearing through the cold air. The weather likes to play games by being sunny for a few hours before turning into fog and cold winds. I usually see the sun out around five in the evening before it disappears behind huge, fluffy and gray clouds. When the two of us entered Subway, there were not a lot of people around and since it is the summer, most of the students who live in the dormitories have been kicked out of their place. One of the reasons why I did not want to move into the dorms where I would be paying five thousand dollars and be thrown out on holidays with nowhere else to go.

Vanilla Guy mentioned he hated to have roommates while I enjoy my roommates over all. Little Shorty is back home until she returns in a few more weeks before school starts. The three days with her and her mother were very nice and I got a bit more insight about her from her mother. This is another thing VG and I talked over while enjoying a late lunch. He and I talked about the no-no's that you are not supposed to have on a date. We talked about religion, oh yes, we went there about our religion and our preferences towards it. I explained my belief in karma and reincarnation while he is an atheist who can appreciate the way churches are built. Then we talked about relationships and what we are looking for; he is not looking to settle down or start anything serious since he leaves in a year. Myself, I am dating around and exploring the many different 'flavors' of San Francisco and after the incident with ML, I wanted to make things clear on the seeing other people front.

He made me laugh which is what I needed after a long week of four hour classes and the drama of ML and other irritating topics. Even his quirks of twitching or needing to have something in his hands was something new to think over and ponder. Nothing wrong in a man not being perfect and makes him more human. Considering California, you end up meeting a lot of two face backstabbers but not all of them want to go for the throat. Slowly, it was coming to a close but I still wanted to keep talking. I think we might have continued talking but the gray clouds were starting to set in and he needed to catch the bus back to his place while I needed to start packing to visit familia for the weekend. I still needed to grab a few things and throughout the date the two of us were being hounded on texts by friends and familia.

I had to deal with getting guilt texts from Maja about not calling or checking in on Faja for three days. I moved only ninety minutes from the familia's compound and to them it was as if I had moved cross-country. I even had a voice mail on my cell about my father growing depress and wondering if I ever was going to call him again. I swear our familia could have its own daytime drama series and we would have enough story lines to last a few decades. Each of us have our own skeletons in the closet and many like to bring them out to do a choreographed dance routine in the living room. Still, the date managed to go through without too much trouble and we even laughed about having to check our phones to clear away the texts or reply back to a few of them.

Vanilla Guy and I continued to chat once we left Subway and headed on the path to take us to the main street to catch a bus. I asked if he wanted to get together for another meet up and he agreed though I am not confirming when each of us will have an open space for things. The two of us are not going into becoming a couple, he is looking for fun and I am looking for it too. Yet, Ayme is too cute to point out that things could go a different path for both of us which I have repeated for her not to try and make a huge thing out of something small. It was one date and it is not turning into wedding bells. Hell, my ass would be running in the other direction should marriage come up because I am too young to settle down with just one person without exploring everything San Francisco population has to offer.

By the end of the walk to the main street, I had to go one way back to my apartment and he had to get his happy ass to the other side to the bus stop to get back to his place. Each of us leaned in for a hug and we went out ways. After I got back to the apartment, I started to go through the routine of winding down when he sent me a text asking if I enjoyed myself; from there another conversation ensued. It was a bit of innuendo which I enjoyed thoroughly. The date went from a one hour that I thought would be quick talk and go and instead it became a three hour date. A very great date for it being made on Thursday. My, my, I might come to enjoy this new guero and let it go in whichever way it wants to go. Whether it be friends, friends with benefit, just straight up and down fuck buddies without talking to one another unless it is to do the electric slide on the bed, I have no idea.

For now, I am going to enjoy what it is, see if there is another time slot to talk to him (if not, c'est la vie) and love my life.

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

P.S., I am thinking of renaming Vanilla Guy and I have no idea what nickname to give him now. I would enjoy it if anyone is willing to comment and give a suggestion. If something catches my eye, I will gladly use it as his new nickname on my site.

P.S.S, The drawn picture of the female was photographed in the bathroom. Apparently, the school has placed black boards in the stalls for people to write and there were a lot of 'Call Jax for a good time' ones, the female drawing made me want to stop and take a picture of it. I have no clue who drew it and whoever it is, comment here and let me thank you properly.



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It's nice to hear that you

It's nice to hear that you had a good time and enjoyed yourself

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