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Summer Classes, I Will Own Your Ass

I started my summer classes and I will be put to the grind for the next few weeks. Each class is two days a week for four hours. Yes, four hours in a classroom having to interact and shove every bit of information into my head in a four hour time span. The first class I have is Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior and as the title states, I am going to be learning about human sexual behavior. I flipped through the textbook I rented for the next few weeks (I am not shelling out 150 bucks for a book) and saw the various topics which could be discussed in class. The topics talk about lust, desire, same-sex marriage, polyamory, polygamy and even more delicious topics to discuss with other students in the class. Nonetheless, four hours might kill me but I will get through it in order to get rid of a class I might have had to take during the fall semester over the course of five months.

The second class that is also four hours is Vampire Literature. One of the 'textbooks' I am supposed to read about on the reading list is Twilight. Already, I can hear the groans and I am merely going to say that I will have to grin and bear it. I thought my second year of English I took at the community college would be considered the equivalent of the English class taken at a four year college. Apparently, my counselor lied to me or they took out the class I took because I have to take it a second time. Not what I want to do but if I do not take the English 2 class, I will not able to take the JEPET and cross off another thing to graduate on time. The fall semester, I might have to take five, maybe even six classes if I want to knock out every Psychology class listed on the Major paper. Usually I take four classes to not overload my brain and to keep myself from losing sleep. Now, it looks like I am going to kill my brain and earn a few bags under the eyes.

At least in the romance department, I do not have too much drama. ML has not talked to me since I gave him advice which I am glad for because I am in no mood to handle him wanting to fuck at three in the morning. Even more when I have started to put my line out in the water to see who else I will catch. So far, the submissive who canceled the Friday date has not contacted me back since then; I am not losing sleep over it because he either has a lot of work or some other reason which does not come to my mind right away (as I am writing this, I am studying and writing out an assignment due tomorrow for my Sexual Behavior class). Nonetheless, he and I have barely gotten to know one another and if he disappears, I am not going to take it personally. Instead, another person I interacted with and can go on with something to learn from the experience.

Right now, my mind is on my list of things to get done in the next few weeks. On top of the list are my two classes followed by looking for another submissive or partner to enjoy and get to know. I am still seeing the other individuals but we all have lives and I want to meet someone who has a bit of time on their hands to get to know moi. I have time to give to them so long as it does not start to run away into marriage with kids and settling down in a two month span. Nevertheless, I am a younger, single, female in the City and focusing my attention on merely finding a partner is going to end up biting me in the ass. Better to focus on myself and to act out my debauchery nature than to try to look for the 'one' or the many 'ones' since I do not believe you get only one soul mate. I believe you get one soul mate for various categories. A soul mate who is the bad boy. A soul mate who is the good, wholesome girl. A soul mate who likes to be pegged. A soul mate who enjoys being the one in charge. Too many soul mates and right now I wonder how many I am going to meet along the way.

Unfortunately, I need to get back to writing down the list of things of being able to get away with and allowed to do as a woman for my Sexual Behavior class.

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite


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