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I Left My Heart & Maybe My Wallet In San Francisco

Only a few more days before I head back to the city to start up my lovely routine once more. I know I have to get through a slew of things and I am glad for my planner. Already, I have filled that puppy up with dates, appointments, interviews, dates, submissives, friends, familia, the whole she bang. Who says she bang anymore? Same thing as hip from what I recently encountered with a male submissive I have been chatting up through email. Always intriguing to hear about words which I have forgotten about or have not heard in a while.

Once I get back into town, the first thing on my list is to see the girlfriends I made over the last year. No, not actual female lovers but friends who are female I made when I started a job in San Francisco and started to get to know them beyond work. It was a bit of a task to be put into a work group full of females starting from the team leader to the six other girls and hoping none of us would end up in cat fights. Put eight girls together and over leadership tasks, there was bound to be backstabbing or talking behind each others back. Oddly enough, the girls and I managed to click and fit with one another. We all are different in ages, personalities, sexualities and yet we managed not to go for one another's throats. By the end we had nicknames for one another and my own was Mama M. Another story for another blog.

After the friends, I need to get prepared for the summer classes. Vampires and human sexuality, two of my favorite subjects. Though I am a bit pained I had to read Twilight because it was in the 'textbook' required reading for my English class. I must say, the book is a lot worse than I thought and whether or not you agree with me, this is my opinion. If someone is a die hard fan of the series, they can easily make their own blog about their love of it but for me, the series hurts my eyes and makes me wince at the written word. At least the Bram Stoker novel I have to read can erase the abusive relationship within the other novel. Then again, Bram Stoker has its own murder, abuse and mayhem coursing through its pages but I take Bram over Meyer any day.

4th of July was not celebrated and instead, I enjoyed a quiet afternoon watching a few crime shows and horror movies. Due to the infighting of a few familia members, the last few get togethers have been canceled which is not bad considering I rather want them canceled instead of having people screaming in front of the children or getting into physical altercations. A few of the familia members went off to the casino and since I cannot be around too many smokers, I chose to stay behind and look after Faja. Faja is up to painting and washing the chairs to help move back to my apartment to spruce up the place. Since Big Black Chocolate Thunder left, she took the dining table leaving us without a place to eat our food. Thankfully, the familia passed down a dining set that has been in the familia for almost fifteen years now. Maja saw it as an opportunity to buy a new dining set and I get the old one which works out for everyone. Except, sister is threatening to burn my books if I break the dining table (the dining table has been in the family for twenty one years).

As for the love life as a few have asked me in private, ML and I are friends. Nothing more, nothing less. In fact, the advice I gave to him worked and his 'girlfriend' and him are going to the movies tonight. I believe she wanted to watch the new Airbender movie which is a bit strange but since I have no idea about her personality, she might be into the anime scene. Either way, ML is off of my back and I am able to enjoy the others I am involved with; right now, I am seeing two males and a female. Two of them are into the BDSM scene while the other enjoys his vanilla lifestyle and has no plans to change it. I will not force him into accepting the BDSM scene nor do I ask him to try anything out unless he wants to try it out himself. However, I have warned him I will not lay myself down at his feet or have him tell me what to do in the relationship. I am not his to control or to tell on how to act out with anyone else. Of course, I do not flaunt my lifestyle to his friends and a few of his familia members whom I have met.

It is interesting how I manage to keep up with the three individuals while at the same time maintaning school, work and everything else which goes with having a life. Sometimes, I can get exhausted from having to deal with many personalities and various people across the board. I do recall two years back I was seeing five people, two were a couple and wanted to try out having a third individual in their relationship. After a while, I became burned out on being with people and I went a year without dating or seeing anyone. A few people ribbed me on becoming a nun if I kept up the celibacy but after dating so many people, it really made me sick of dating. Now, I am back to the routine and I know it is going to come to a head sooner or later. This new individual I am getting to know, I have no clue where it is going to go. I know I plan to see him this coming Friday but whether or not it goes anywhere is up to whether we enjoy each other's company. If not, we go on our ways and I will have another tale to tell here on Whip and Apple.

---Miss Marguerite



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