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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of...Sex?

Sexual dreams. Do I have them? Yes? Do I remember them? Not exactly. Instead, I remember a feeling or even a smell about the dream. Yes, a smell or a look. Maybe even a glance. Oh yes, glances from strangers or even glancing at an object can bring back the rush of the dream. Almost like a deja-vu except I call it a sexual-vu.

There have a been a few times where I am dreaming of a muscled bound male who is tied down to a St. Andrew's Cross. How do I manage to remember it when I wake up in the morning? Easy. I go out into the street and notice a male walk past by me who has the same build. Somehow by seeing the male in question, it brings back the image of the male who submitted to me in my dreams. The male who cried out as I strike him with the riding crop. His back and ass is covered in marks from the crop. Body shudders and his arches his lower back to take another crop-filled pleasure pill from moi. Just seeing the male walk by on the street and smile to me makes me want to go over to him, grab him by the hair and take him back to my apartment.

Take him to the bedroom.
Have him lay back as I tie him down with blindfolds and rock his damn world.
After, I let him go with bite marks, dried wax and a beautiful smile upon his lips.

Yet, I did not.


He is a strange male; one who might not easily take to submitting to an unknown Domme and he may not even be into submitting to any female. Considering, I now live in San Francisco with eclectic and wondrous neighbors, I might be picking up the wrong male for a whirlwind session. Still, just to see the male and continue walking lets me know I am able to imagine very kinky and sensual acts in when I am laying my head down on a pillow. It shows I am not merely sensual in the actions I set forth when I am with individuals in BDSM settings or even in the privacy of my own place.

Instead, I can go beyond actively engaging in my sexuality where my dreams are far more interesting. Each sexual and intimate dream brings me a little closer to myself. I may have to traverse the vanilla world with individuals who are not yet comfortable with my lifestyle or in settings where it can not boldly be shown to the world. In my head and in my dreams, I can easily imagine up a score of individuals and have a round of cricket a la Alice in Wonderland style. However, when I do shout for someone's head to come up, I plan for their pants to come down and their bottoms to be up for the spanking.

Miss Marguerite


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Why, thank you.

Why, thank you.

Whipandapple.. Retweeted it

Whipandapple.. Retweeted it :)

Hugely exciting list inform -

Hugely exciting list inform - Authority be past it chic, but it was new to me. Thanks.

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