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I Want Your Sex, No, Your Sex, The One On The Left!

Back in San Francisco and it feels good to take in the semi-cold air and not have to sweat my imaginary balls off. What? You never thought you had imaginary balls? I know I do especially when I need them to confront someone or show another to back off of my crotch. I have even said the old, 'Get off of my nuts', which gets a few questionable looks from me especially if I say it in San Francisco. I know I could never pull off dressing in drag and the last time I tried it, my breasts gave me away as a woman. What can I say, my two gals like to show themselves off and hate to be bundled up or even duct taped flat. Hell, I would need a whole roll of duct tape to try and get them as flat as a board to pull off being a man for a few hours. However, I rather not go through the trouble of ripping off my flesh or even my nipples once I try to get the duct tape off of me. Still, just another adventure I have taken in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, one adventure I will not be having is the date with a potential submissive for moi this week and no delicious post on how it went down. The male IM'ed me tonight and let me know work bent him over the table and fucked him in the ass. Our plans to meet up Friday was canceled and I doubt I will be able to see him. Why? I start summer courses next week and I am going to be busy with studying my ass off and checking in on clients. Such a damn shame since we were getting along quite well through email and IM but c'est la vie. I think the only time I will be available in the next month would be on Fridays or the weekends. The weekends might be filled up with going out with the girls or squeezing in two sessions with clients. This was the only weekend I had available but for him is work comes before play time. We barely know one another and I cannot demand him to give up work and see my lovely face on Friday.

Though I am speaking and interacting with another submissive? What? I am not putting all of my eggs in a basket on just one submissive. Yes, I enjoyed the conversations but I am always on the look out for someone who will catch my eye and two males caught my eye in the last two weeks. One was him and another is from a very handsome looking older male who wants to have a D/s relationship with a younger Domme. I like to spread the piqued interest around and I have been upfront in looking at more than one submissive or at least putting down the person is not the end all and be all of my BDSM world. One submissive falls down, three pop up in their place. Not that I am devaluing the conversation had with each but I do not make a fuss over it because why make a fuss over someone who may or may not click together with my personality? Even more, if I am not physically or any 'ally' to the male?

Nonetheless, the Friday will not go to waste since the date was canceled for the trip to the store. Instead, I am going to the movies to hopefully watch Despicable Me with my friend Ph and hang out with either out in San Francisco or at the apartment. Now that I finally have furniture, I can entertain and let people sit down in actual chairs and Lazy Boys. The long couch should be coming in this weekend but I am sitting down at a dining table without having to resort to laying down on the floor overheating the hell out of my laptop. Once summer classes start, I pray I am able to get ahead on writing a few blogs that I know will end up being delicious. One of the classes is about Human Sexual Behavior and I bet there will people who think about sex as much as I do and like to enjoy it too.

However, my penchant for finding out who swings my way has been screwed up since I moved to San Francisco. I cannot tell a heterosexual male from a homosexual or even a metrosexual. I end up finding the guys who act and sound like the guys back home swing for the other team and the beautiful females who walk on by are into females. Damn it, it confuses the god damn hell out of me but do not think I do not get a good rise out of picking out who I can take back to my apartment or the wall or the bathroom stall know what I mean. Hell, sex is a wonderful thing and I am going out to grab me a slice of ham or a pair of thighs now. You enjoy your lovely Thursday afternoon.

Miss Marguerite



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