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Such A Lazy Vacation For This Domme

My vacation has been lazy, wonderful and stressing in every sense of the world. I came to visit the familia to get away from the quick and uppity beat of San Francisco. Now, I love San Francisco, but the place never fucking sleeps. It keeps going and going and going like the damn energizer bunny. It never lets up and almost tries to hump my leg on a few occasions when I do not get out the spray bottle to get it away from my sore leg.

Either I am called to baby sit the nephew or called by a submissive who wants to make a session when I do come off of my vacation. Even when I inform individuals I am putting my heels up to take a rest and to clear my mind, they are still knocking, emailing and making sure I plan to come back on the second the vacation is over. Sometimes, I have to tell the individuals to watch themselves for I am not ruled by anyone but myself. I do not have a partner nor do I have a husband, wife or partner to tell me when I need to come home or whether I need to give them intimacy.

Which is why a lot of people might say I am not that easy to understand since I do not give out my hugs, spankings and adoration easily. It takes me a bit to warm up to someone because I like to know the individual is going to stick around or not play me for a fool that he or she thinks I might be; it helps in the long run when I start to smell a rat or a backstabber and I can get away from them easily. Yes, it has ended friendships that could be bloomed into great adoration but why risk getting burned? Besides, I do not have enough sunscreen for enough people to try and burn me, so why take the risk.

Which is why the familia has wondered about the many ringing calls to my phone. Always asking moi about the people who have to call me at one in the morning or those who text me during the early hours of breakfast. It is not my fault people want to enjoy my company though I have taken to informing the individuals to call me between certain hours. Anyone to call me before or after usually gets put on the red list and do not get a return call from moi for two to three days.

Those who are able to wait the two or three days are anxious to set down a date or to hear my voice. I know my voice is not a sultry or even one of those adult phone entertainers who wants you to spend ninety cents or even two dollars a minute to talk dirty to her. Though when I do change the tone of my voice to indicate my pleasure or displeasure at a submissive, he or she almost falls over themselves to hear more.

The last submissive met me over a plate of lasagna, garlic bread and a glass of water at the Olive Garden. He wore a black suit, black shoes and his hair slicked back, just like I had asked him to wear for the evening. His kink was being told what to wear, eat, sleep, in order words, have himself be controlled totally and absolutely by another. To give up control and hand it over to another. He was one of my best submissives and we do play from time to time but after he moved away for a job promotion, we are only able to conduct our play sessions through IM and phone.

Nonetheless, when I whisper to him that he should go out and converse with the next person he meets, the gasp heard on the other side of the phone call is worth the telephone charges.

Being a lifestyle Domme and Mistress is never a on/off switch. I may be on vacation from taking submissives under my hand or with my words but they keep coming out of the woodwork's needing a guiding hand. As long as there are delicious darlings out there needing a stroke of the cheek or a strike of their bottom, I will be there lovelies.

---Miss Marguerite


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After a while the parents can

After a while the parents can notice that the people who ask use another name to call me by rather than the given name. Still, I do enjoy seeing Maja ponder if I am a hooker or maybe even sleeping around with all of these individuals. The only advice she gave was not to get pregnant and to never bring them around the Faja.

I imagine explaining all of

I imagine explaining all of those calls isn't easy. That's why I never do phone calls or do voice chats when talking online. Definitely not something I'd want to mention to my parents.

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