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A Tale Of A Submissive & A Paddle

*Get on your hands and knees. Crawl over to me, my darling pet

As I say those words, I slowly crook my finger at him. Those words are the order for him to get over to me on his hands and knees. He looks wary at the carpeted floor and wonders how he is going to explain away the rug burns to his tennis buddies or his office co-workers. Yet, when I whistle for him to look at me, I can see the glint of wanting to satisfy the command in his eyes. He may have to lie about the rug burns but it is all worth it if he is able to please not only himself but me. I know that this arrangement will have to end one of these days. The hold of his vanilla life will be too much and he will have to make a decision sooner or later.

Choose the life of a submissive bottom where he might be shunned by his peers and humiliated for his 'unique' choice. Or he can play the part of a vanilla worker who clocks in at nine and makes sure to keep the urges of being pegged or sat upon under lock and key. Still, even now, it is difficult to live this lifestyle without the risk of being alienated from the rest of society. Though strides have been made, there is the hold of fitting in which clings to all of us. Even to me.

Yet, I know what I am. I embrace it. It is in my blood like a siren's call. I cannot deny it. Why should I deny what I am? I am a Domme. A female who wants to take control inside and outside of the bedroom. I like to paddle and even more I enjoy the feeling of a submissive leaning against me as I stroke his back. Even more when I am out in public and my eyes look around the room and fall on someone I do fancy. My eyes take in the individual and I do not hesitate to walk over to chat them up. Sometimes, I may even stay back to watch the person for a while to find a way to get them in my grasp. It is the confidence and the knowing of who I am that powers me to live this life. A life where my legs are crossed at the knee and I am waiting for the submissive male to make his way across the room. I wait for him to get on his hand and knees to scurry over to me.

A smile appears upon my lips when he gets to his hands and knees. I can see a red blush has started on his neck and it is making its way into his cheeks. He looks pretty when he is blushing. A male who blushes is someone I am intrigued by; someone who I want to make blush over and over again. I guess it is my kink since I go out of my way to make sure I make someone blush. To see the pink tint in their cheeks, neck and chest brings a sigh of pleasure to my body. As the male blushes further when I order him to keep his eyes on me it makes another sigh fall from my lips. I know I will miss our time together but tonight, I will enjoy him.


The submissive cries out beneath the blows of my paddle. He cries out and bites down on his lower lip. I do not know if he is trying to stop himself for feeling such emotions or if he is afraid to let me know how much he enjoys the paddling. Either way, he does not give me the safety word. He wants me to give him another paddle and to not go easy on his behind. His ass was ivory when he came over. Now, his ass is pink from the paddle and it even takes shape where there are areas that are white where the paddle has not hit it. I plan to get his behind nice and pink before the end of tonight.

He can only take being paddled twenty times. The second to last paddle, he is almost done; his breath gasps and his toes curl as he feels a pleasurable high from the paddling. Every new submissive has a very different experience from the last one. For him, he feels a heat overcome his body and a pull in his lower stomach. The flush in his cheek and neck has overtaken the rest of his body. His skin is pink, the same color as his ass has become from the paddle. I lovingly stroke him and watch a shiver run down his spine. Clearing my throat, I make the command.

Be ready for the last one pet.

I warn him and his ass clenches up, ready to take the last blow. Putting strength behind my swing, I want him to leave here with the memory of the blow. Such a beautiful sound is made from the paddle hitting his ass. He cries out my name and he slumps down on the carpet, his arms having given out on him. His ass high in the air shows off his beautiful paddled ass.

When we finish, both of our breaths are coming out in wavering gasps. I am out of breath from the swings of my arms against his behind. For him, it is the adrenaline of his pain from the paddling which makes him gasp and try to draw breath into his lungs. He will have to come done from his high and I need to be careful he is in the right spirit before sending him on his way. For now, I move away from him to grab oil to massage into his bottom. I warn him he is going to be careful of how he sits down and to buy himself an inflatable donut. If not, he is going to have to find ways to stay standing up instead of sitting down at his cubicle.

After rubbing the oil into his backside, I turn away to wash my hands. I leave him to take a few minutes to compose himself but return to make sure all is well with him. I give him a glass of water, ask him how he feels and help him into his clothes. He does not stay the night. Like a submissive, he can come and go as he pleases even if he does give himself over to me in the last hour. He gives himself to me because he trusts me not to harm him or to force him to do anything he does not want. A kiss on the cheek is given and he asks if he can come back again later this week. Already I can see the excitement in his eyes to be paddled or even handcuffed to the table while I drag my nails or paint his body with hot wax.

Until next time, my pet.

Miss Marguerite

*This is one of the sessions I had with a submissive over the course of a few months. Unfortunately, he is no longer under my guidance but the memories of our times together lives on even in writing.