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Get Down & Dirty, Then Get The Hell Out

I did something really stupid. I fucked ML last night and just realized the mistake this morning. I know, I know it was a really stupid thing to get involved with ML especially since he is supposedly with his old high school girlfriend. Considering, we fucked last night, I doubt he is still with his old girlfriend or the two had a fight. All I know was I needed someone to speak to about a few certain topics and ML was willing to lend his ear. The whole 'one thing led to another' does not really apply considering as soon as ML walked through the door, I grabbed him by the belt of his jeans and pulled him into my bedroom. He did not fight it or tell me to back off considering off came his shoes and jacket to leave it trailed behind us on the way to my room.

It was a hot and quick fuck. He removed his t-shirt while I pulled off my tank top and we each helped one another with our jeans. At the time, I was frustrated with a few individuals and the way things were going for the last few days. This week has been hell on my mind and on my capacity to juggle around a few lovelies. Usually, I am able to juggle a few males and females into my schedule to date, fuck or even to session with but since starting classes, all of it started to get off of rotation. I had a session with a submissive the other day on Tuesday afternoon. She came over to the apartment for two hours before the other roommate came home from work. That session between the female and I will be told in another blog post. This one, was the mistake sex I had with ML which I have to say was great over all.

The male gave me what I wanted in the moment. I need anyone or anything to get my mind off of a slew of things. School is well considering I am always having to play catch up and stick to a strict regime of going to bed around ten or eleven if I want to scooch in eight to nine hours of sleep. For going to bed early or having to cut any fun at ten, I had to cancel a few sessions and had to rearrange meetings with new clients. Always a pain in the ass when I want to get to know someone new but at this moment in my bed with ML, he did not add anymore stress to my life. All he did was ask moi how hard I wanted to be fucked and whether he should wear long-sleeve shirts in case I wanted to drag my nails down his back and shoulders. I enjoy leaving marks on individuals and for ML, the man gets off on his back scoured with nails of a good, hard fucking.


That is what ML and I did for the next ninety minutes. How do I know? ML and I enjoy counting how far we are able to explore in the bedroom. Somehow, ML is able to go round after round and I bet he had to fuck out his own demons. I have no idea what went on with his old girlfriend but I doubt it is peachy keen if he dropped what he had to do and came over to take me against the wall, bed, floor, and anything hard surface to lay on or against. As you can tell, we had a lot of things to go through in ninety minutes Nevertheless, I know things between him and I are not going to change. He still has to figure his shit out with what he wants to do and all I wanted was a body above, beneath, beside and in various positions; lucky for him, he was there to step up to take the role for a few hours.

Nonetheless by the end, we both were spent, blissful in our orgasms and generally laughing off this whole damn situation. I do not recall whether or not I kicked ML out of my bed or he knew to get his ass moving because he slipped out of bed, dressed and made sure to lock the door on his way out. I took a two hour nap and got up to take a hot shower all the while thanking ML for picking up the mass of clothes that had fallen on our way to the bed. I would not know how to explain to the roommate how my panties ended up on the door knob that led into the bathroom or one of my shoes placed on the Lazy Boy. Either way, I know this whole 'fuck the frustration' away bit is going to bite me in the ass. For now, I am batting down the hatches and getting ready for any incoming ML and his old girlfriend bull shit. Where the hell is my umbrella when the shit is about to hit the fan?

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

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