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male lover

Feeling Better

Allergies have started to clear up along with the huge douses of medication I am using on my body to combat the sneezing, coughing and generally feeling as if my head is a balloon. However, I am not down for the count because I plan to go on a date soon and then figure out what I plan to do for the weekend. What should happen?

Now, to clear up the emails I have received over the lovely men and women who have encountered moi in the past few weeks, let me give you a summary since it takes a while to go through a few pages of my blog. I have either fucked, dated, seen or been around these individuals. You are too lazy to read my posts need to be spanked but those who have read it, I adore you and comment on this whole gauntlet of individuals I have gone through darlings.


Get Down & Dirty, Then Get The Hell Out

I did something really stupid. I fucked ML last night and just realized the mistake this morning. I know, I know it was a really stupid thing to get involved with ML especially since he is supposedly with his old high school girlfriend. Considering, we fucked last night, I doubt he is still with his old girlfriend or the two had a fight. All I know was I needed someone to speak to about a few certain topics and ML was willing to lend his ear. The whole 'one thing led to another' does not really apply considering as soon as ML walked through the door, I grabbed him by the belt of his jeans and pulled him into my bedroom. He did not fight it or tell me to back off considering off came his shoes and jacket to leave it trailed behind us on the way to my room.

I Left My Heart & Maybe My Wallet In San Francisco

Only a few more days before I head back to the city to start up my lovely routine once more. I know I have to get through a slew of things and I am glad for my planner. Already, I have filled that puppy up with dates, appointments, interviews, dates, submissives, friends, familia, the whole she bang. Who says she bang anymore? Same thing as hip from what I recently encountered with a male submissive I have been chatting up through email. Always intriguing to hear about words which I have forgotten about or have not heard in a while.


Goodbye My Lover, Hope To Never See You Again

I finally talked to ML face to face when I came into town to finalize a few things with the roommate situation. Nothing bad is going on with the roommates, only that Big Black Chocolate Thunder is leaving the apartment due to financial problems. In her place, is a new female roommate whom I have dubbed her 'Shortcake' for a few non-vanilla reasons.

Before I arrived in town, I had talked to ML over the phone about a secure place to meet where we had privacy but we knew not to blow up if there was public around. The one thing we can agree on is not wanting to end up in front of the video camera uploaded to youtube because we were not adult enough to keep our blow outs from getting out of hand. A past lover got off on verbally fighting with moi in front of people. At first, it had been something to amuse him if it got him hard as woodpecker but after while, it became more of a chore and draining than foreplay.

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