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Feeling Better

Allergies have started to clear up along with the huge douses of medication I am using on my body to combat the sneezing, coughing and generally feeling as if my head is a balloon. However, I am not down for the count because I plan to go on a date soon and then figure out what I plan to do for the weekend. What should happen?

Now, to clear up the emails I have received over the lovely men and women who have encountered moi in the past few weeks, let me give you a summary since it takes a while to go through a few pages of my blog. I have either fucked, dated, seen or been around these individuals. You are too lazy to read my posts need to be spanked but those who have read it, I adore you and comment on this whole gauntlet of individuals I have gone through darlings.

Male Lover: On/off fuck buddy who has his relationships issues with his old high school girlfriend. I have seen him this past week to talk but not made out. He has tried to feel me up a few times but I am too busy with work and school to think about giving him a feel of my breasts. Hypocritical considering I have let others enjoy my breasts but I am more annoyed by his game playing way. I loathe males, females and anyone who are not upfront about their stance or feelings about another. For him, he tells me he loves me and another he wants to fuck moi which I take with a grain of salt. He amuses me with his faux feelings but who knows where it might go.

Lovely Married Pair: A male and female whom I am in a poly-relationship with but because of long distance, there is no physical nature to our relationship. I plan to visit them soon to see how the two are fairing but I do adore them even if I talk to them on the phone, through my laptop or texting a few naughty things.

Not So Vanilla Guy: A male who I have seen twice in the past three months, the second time where we had oral sex and I enjoyed very much. I still need to put up the damn second part but damn it if my allergies and the need to go outside to enjoy San Francisco calls to me more. If he comes back around, I will let him take another shot at my lovely thighs but he should get rid of the scratchy beard.

Awkward Guy: I have seen him twice, once for the meet up last Sunday, then again, on last Thursday for the Erotic Film Festival. I even took a picture of the screen and it is featured in this blog for you to envy and wish you were seating next to moi. Awkward Guy sat next to moi and my hand may have fallen into his lap to stroke and tease. He will get his own blog post soon considering I have bite marks from bugs after a tete-a-tete between the two of us in the park. Since then, not really talked to him or heard from him but we all have lives. Besides, I plan to make him into a casual friend with a side of fucking though if he disappears from my radar, it is not going to make me burst into tears and eat a bucket of ice cream. Just to let you know, my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream.

All right, I think those are the ones who recently made themselves known in my world. Who might make a comeback? Who might die off like those unnecessary characters in television shows? Who knows?! Stay tuned lovelies.

Miss Marguerite

P.S. Stalk moi:
Twitter: MsMarguerite
Tumblr: Miss Marguerite's Tumblr



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Nice to be updated

Nice to be updated

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