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Miss Marguerite & The City series

I Really Need To Stop Disappearing

Yet, I cannot seem to promise it with the busy schedule I have kept for the last few weeks. In fact, my life here in San Francisco has become more busy in school, work, and friends than ever before. Of course, I have slowed down in the sexual arenas because I cannot schedule enough sexual liaisons on my own schedule. It seems the lovers want their own time and place to enjoy moi. Yet, I cannot and will not change my schedule around for someone who is prone to being late to a date or even to a fuck buddy slot.


Took A Longer Break Than Necessary

What can I say? I became busy with life and living it. I got a new job, started my semester at college with a full load and even throwing on being a tutor to beef up my grad school application. Nonetheless, I have had time to fuck a few people here and there; I plan to even write about the experiences soon. For now, I can say I have slept or made out with:

1. An ex-lover from high school who came back over the summer from his second tour overseas. I have to say fucking him before he beefed up and fucking him with his muscles and higher stamina makes this female salute the troops. Fuck, I have never walked many days after bowlegged than if I were to enter into a full on orgy for several days. In one day, he and I went through a list of sexual positions and different places to fuck. My favorite was fucking in his car in dark parking structure on the way to see Final Destination. We never got to see the movie but I had a nice time fogging up his windows.


Another Month But Worth It

I have been up to a lot this month and I will say I am not sorry for not blogging this month. What can I say? I got caught up in doing a slew of things and some people I forgot to write it all down. I will say I got to see Crazy Stupid Love before hand and then I had to deal with some friends finally letting go of the past and leaving moi alone.

For now I can only leave you with some delicious gif or even a picture. I will write as much as I can but follow moi on tumblr or twitter which give a better update of what I am up to this summer.

Miss Marguerite


A Month Without Blogging...

Apologies lovelies but I have been up, down, and all around in the city. In fact, I have not really had too much of a chance to sit down to type up what I have been doing the past few weeks. I will say I have gone to the DeYoung Museum, seen Gavin DeGraw in concert, went to Good Vibrations to look at their new stock of sex toys, got into trouble with the roommate with loud singing in the street and pretending to be her lover on the bus.


Now Lick My Boots Clean, Submissive

*You have lost two rounds lovely. Now it is time to clean the victor's boots.

Those words vault the breathless submissive to sit up from his position on the ground and onto his hands and knees. He has lost the match. I am breathless as well but a smile plays upon my lips at the victory of pinning him to the floor with my corseted breasts. He in a pair of loose shirts, white tank top and barefooted. As for my gear, I stood in a black tank top, leather pants and buckled boots. For the match, I went sans a corset knowing it was going to end up ruined or torn. The point of the match was to wrestle each other to the ground and if clothes were ripped in the process, well, he would pay for ruining a good shirt. He lost and the cost of losing?

A good boot licking.

Yes, Mistress Marguerite. I have failed to win and now I must lick your boots


New Posts Coming Soon...

You shall get new blog posts from moi in a few days. Right now, things are a bit hectic but all in all working out for the best. I am still alive, smacking submissives' bottoms and causing mayhem in San Francisco. Hell, next month, my lovely will come up where I plan to show him around the city and then into my bedroom. I might even get to use my new strap-on on his wonderful ginger ass.

For now, just imagine moi in leather, cracking a whip at my writing muse to wake the fuck up.

Miss Marguerite


A few days ago, I received a call that my uncle’s health was deteriorating. The past week he has been in the hospital due to complications of his diabetes and alcoholism. Usually, the man pulls through his hospital stints but this time it was different. He was forgetting who his loved ones were and would talk randomly about things that made no sense at all.

At first, I assumed it was Alzheimer’s disease kicking in because of his age of 54. However, it did not make sense considering the memory loss cleared up once he was put on medication. He got better on Friday, was discharged but then turned for the worst on Saturday. I received a call later Saturday night to come home to see him because everyone assumed he would be dead.

My uncle died Monday at the age of 54 at 3:30pm.

Tango Man

I have a few more tales to tell considering I have done a lot the past few days:

-The nephew is doing well though he has that horrible 100 Days cough which comes with the whooping cough so I am going to be hearing him cough when I go home this weekend.

-Vi and I are getting closer as roommates and best friends. She even now knows about my lifestyle as a Domme and is not judging my behind for it. In fact, she wants to be able to be my back up should shit hit the fan or I have a client who goes off the deep end. I love her to death.

-I was gifted two hamsters as pets since Vi and I wanted a pet, though she wanted hamsters. We got ourselves two male short-haired hamsters that are already driving us up the wall with their nocturnal action on the spinning wheel. We are going to put them in the living room at night.


Almost Happy Birthday...

In two days, I am turning another year and I cannot wait to celebrate my birthday considering last year, the day fell in the middle of the week. This weekend, I am going to visit the familia and they are going to throw moi a bash to enjoy the night. I might be off the radar but I will write about the two dates I had with two different males. I also have another date with another male who I call Tango Guy.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Miss Marguerite


Updates & More Updates

Man, it has been almost a month since I last blogged about anything though I have a few things which kept me from wanting to blog.

-The nephew came down with the whooping cough and I had to drop everything including a movie date, a fuck buddy session and a dominatrix session to see him and be at the hospital with him. The little guy is fine but when it comes to familia, familia comes first before everything which I think is why a lot of lovelies cannot handle the fact they are not my number one priority. Someone has to be with moi for at least a year, maybe two, before I start to see them in the top boxes with the familia

The Tale Of Haight Man

The Haight Man

January 18-19th, 2011

What the hell was I thinking? I was going to meet someone who I barely knew for a movie date. Wait. No. Not like a movie date considering we are just going to be in his room, talking and watching a movie. Plus, I doubt him or I thought it was going to be a date. However, I had to take a Muni and a bus to get to his place since he lives in Upper Haight. I wish he lived closer but then again, then it would take the fun out of seeing a few of the places I have yet to visit frequently. I have visited Haight a few times but not in a long time since classes started up but I did visit when I had to do a team bonding experience.


Haight Man

Readers of Whip and Apple,

I had a date, well, sort of date, all right, I will call it a movie date with a new male called Haight Man. Why? Well, he lives in the Haight District and it was something that came to mind when nicknaming him. Now, I plan to put up a blog post of my movie thing with Haight Man very soon since I just got back a while ago from his place. I will say Haight Man is handsome and looks like a sturdy male to ride. However, not going to rush anything because I might spook him off if I startle him. Still, always good to know I enjoyed myself after having a shitty date with Beard Man the other day.

A Date With The Beard...

I will have in a few days a story about a male who I went out with the past two days, well, really, hung around and got to know, who I call The Beard. Oh what a tale to tell especially since there is a bit of spice in it.

The post will come soon.

Laptop, Oh Laptop

Dear Whip and Apple readers,

Sorry lovelies for not putting up anything lately. You want to know why? My laptop stopped working and will not let me grab anything from the hard drive. I had to take it into two individuals who were not able to and I just now paid 60 bucks to have it sent into the manufacturer for them to take a whack at it. I have to remember everything I wanted to write out for the letters and everything important on the hard drive that is three years old.

Yes, three years old. I have work that is three years old that might be erased if the manufacturer finds that a new hard drive is needed and nothing can be saved. Oh, my precious writings, images and video. Some of those images, I planned to put together to put up on the Whip and Apple site. I even had a video I was putting together to showcase a bit of what I am about as a Domme, writer and student in San Francisco.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All!

I should blow a few whistles but I cannot because I came down with acute bronchitis in the last week thus halting writing letters when I was more about coughing up the nasties down in my chest and lungs. I am getting better and should be able to get back to writing those letters which the next one is a letter to my dreams. I wonder what my dreams will say when I write to them soon enough.

Dear Dreams,

Where are you?

Dear Dream,

Do you know whether you are alive or not?

Dear Dreams,

How are you? I know I left you.

Dear Dreams,

You have been so good to me!

Dear Dreams,

Stop taking money out of my damn piggy bank every time you think you have a great idea to run off with!

So many ways to talk about my dreams but I will see what happens when the words start to appear on the computer screen.

We shall see.

Miss Marguerite

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