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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All!

I should blow a few whistles but I cannot because I came down with acute bronchitis in the last week thus halting writing letters when I was more about coughing up the nasties down in my chest and lungs. I am getting better and should be able to get back to writing those letters which the next one is a letter to my dreams. I wonder what my dreams will say when I write to them soon enough.

Dear Dreams,

Where are you?

Dear Dream,

Do you know whether you are alive or not?

Dear Dreams,

How are you? I know I left you.

Dear Dreams,

You have been so good to me!

Dear Dreams,

Stop taking money out of my damn piggy bank every time you think you have a great idea to run off with!

So many ways to talk about my dreams but I will see what happens when the words start to appear on the computer screen.

We shall see.

Miss Marguerite


I Want Your Sex, No, Your Sex, The One On The Left!

Back in San Francisco and it feels good to take in the semi-cold air and not have to sweat my imaginary balls off. What? You never thought you had imaginary balls? I know I do especially when I need them to confront someone or show another to back off of my crotch. I have even said the old, 'Get off of my nuts', which gets a few questionable looks from me especially if I say it in San Francisco. I know I could never pull off dressing in drag and the last time I tried it, my breasts gave me away as a woman. What can I say, my two gals like to show themselves off and hate to be bundled up or even duct taped flat. Hell, I would need a whole roll of duct tape to try and get them as flat as a board to pull off being a man for a few hours. However, I rather not go through the trouble of ripping off my flesh or even my nipples once I try to get the duct tape off of me. Still, just another adventure I have taken in San Francisco.


Published On A Sex Blogging Site, Oh Baby, Baby!

I threw my whip into the blogging ring with She Loves Sex and submitted one of my blog posts that readers have seen called Submissive and My Paddle. I am overjoyed to see it on another website especially since She Loves Sex is compromised of articles written by female writers. Men, I love you just as much as the next man lover but sometimes, I do enjoy reading a few articles written by and for women.

Hopefully, I will continue to submit blog posts to various sites including She Loves Sex since you know a girl likes to get around. Alright, that sounded a bit whorish but that is moi for you.

---Miss Marguerite

Friends With Benefits, His Lush Behind!

Last night, I ended up in an argument with a male lover. Over what? Over the fact he became enraged when he heard that I was seeing other people behind his back. Let me explain how the conversation started and how it ended up with him asking me if I was saying these lies or acting this way to get him to officially say he was my 'boyfriend'.

Talk Dirty British To Me

August 18th, Day 2 - Talk Dirty British To Me...

The alarm from the roommate woke me up. It did not matter because even with the five hours of sleep I somehow found myself wide awake. Insomnia is a killer to have and I blame it on the change. Change is good and with San Francisco, the BDSM community is bigger and more open to accept this lifestyle Domme. Even now, there are munches (social gatherings) coming around the area for me to visit. For now, I want to explore what is outside my door or in the neighborhood.

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