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A Date With The Beard...

I will have in a few days a story about a male who I went out with the past two days, well, really, hung around and got to know, who I call The Beard. Oh what a tale to tell especially since there is a bit of spice in it.

The post will come soon.

Last Night's Dream

I had an interesting dream last night which I hope to repeat once more. The dream was moi on a date with a guero, a white guy who looked very surfer but boy-next-door deal. The two of us went out to see what we thought was a movie but instead it was an improv comedy show. Still, the two of us had fun and I seemed in the dream very relaxed and joyful around him. He looked happy as well and when we left the show, he held my hand and we tried to take a picture of us holding a cinnamon bun.


I Want Your Sex, No, Your Sex, The One On The Left!

Back in San Francisco and it feels good to take in the semi-cold air and not have to sweat my imaginary balls off. What? You never thought you had imaginary balls? I know I do especially when I need them to confront someone or show another to back off of my crotch. I have even said the old, 'Get off of my nuts', which gets a few questionable looks from me especially if I say it in San Francisco. I know I could never pull off dressing in drag and the last time I tried it, my breasts gave me away as a woman. What can I say, my two gals like to show themselves off and hate to be bundled up or even duct taped flat. Hell, I would need a whole roll of duct tape to try and get them as flat as a board to pull off being a man for a few hours. However, I rather not go through the trouble of ripping off my flesh or even my nipples once I try to get the duct tape off of me. Still, just another adventure I have taken in San Francisco.

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