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I Left My Heart & Maybe My Wallet In San Francisco

Only a few more days before I head back to the city to start up my lovely routine once more. I know I have to get through a slew of things and I am glad for my planner. Already, I have filled that puppy up with dates, appointments, interviews, dates, submissives, friends, familia, the whole she bang. Who says she bang anymore? Same thing as hip from what I recently encountered with a male submissive I have been chatting up through email. Always intriguing to hear about words which I have forgotten about or have not heard in a while.


A Tale Of A Submissive & A Paddle

*Get on your hands and knees. Crawl over to me, my darling pet

As I say those words, I slowly crook my finger at him. Those words are the order for him to get over to me on his hands and knees. He looks wary at the carpeted floor and wonders how he is going to explain away the rug burns to his tennis buddies or his office co-workers. Yet, when I whistle for him to look at me, I can see the glint of wanting to satisfy the command in his eyes. He may have to lie about the rug burns but it is all worth it if he is able to please not only himself but me. I know that this arrangement will have to end one of these days. The hold of his vanilla life will be too much and he will have to make a decision sooner or later.

Kiss Thy Hand

Kiss thy hand which spanks your bottom.
A bottom made for I, alone.
Groan in pleasure from the strike.
Oh, what a bite.

Thank the lips which press against your chest.
A chest which quivers beneath my touch.
Sigh in ecstasy from the nips.
All the way down to your bits.

Release the breath in your throat.
Where my hands were wrapped around.
From which you sigh and gloat.
Careful now.

I am such a sight.
Clad in leather and latex.
Give you such a fright.
Instead I give you pleasure.

Pain and pleasure.
Pleasure and pain.
Such a triumphant gain.

---Miss Marguerite

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