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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All!

I should blow a few whistles but I cannot because I came down with acute bronchitis in the last week thus halting writing letters when I was more about coughing up the nasties down in my chest and lungs. I am getting better and should be able to get back to writing those letters which the next one is a letter to my dreams. I wonder what my dreams will say when I write to them soon enough.

Dear Dreams,

Where are you?

Dear Dream,

Do you know whether you are alive or not?

Dear Dreams,

How are you? I know I left you.

Dear Dreams,

You have been so good to me!

Dear Dreams,

Stop taking money out of my damn piggy bank every time you think you have a great idea to run off with!

So many ways to talk about my dreams but I will see what happens when the words start to appear on the computer screen.

We shall see.

Miss Marguerite



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