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Took A Longer Break Than Necessary

What can I say? I became busy with life and living it. I got a new job, started my semester at college with a full load and even throwing on being a tutor to beef up my grad school application. Nonetheless, I have had time to fuck a few people here and there; I plan to even write about the experiences soon. For now, I can say I have slept or made out with:

1. An ex-lover from high school who came back over the summer from his second tour overseas. I have to say fucking him before he beefed up and fucking him with his muscles and higher stamina makes this female salute the troops. Fuck, I have never walked many days after bowlegged than if I were to enter into a full on orgy for several days. In one day, he and I went through a list of sexual positions and different places to fuck. My favorite was fucking in his car in dark parking structure on the way to see Final Destination. We never got to see the movie but I had a nice time fogging up his windows.

2. I fucked a paraplegic during the weekend of Up Your Alley event in San Francisco. I met him at Up Your Alley after his friends and him got lost in the huge mass of naked and sweaty men at Folsom street. I offered to help him find his way and I lent him my cell so he could call up his buddies. His phone ended up being a casualty in the rain of spilled beer at the Up Your Alley event. Hell, even my pretty boots were coated in cold beer and I had to wipe them down a few times before giving up entirely. Now as for fucking him, the story will be told very soon.

3. I made out with a former classmate who is a great kisser and her breasts are a dream come true; fake, but felt so damn real to kiss and touch. We did not fuck, but there was a lot of heavy touches, gropes and above the pants action.

4. I had heavy sexting (practically fucking through text) a guy who I was supposed to go on a date with; but our schedules never meshed well enough to pin down a date. He was bored and wanted to text naughty things to moi and I was bored watching some movies by myself. At least I got a nice cock picture out of it and I never had to show my pussy or have it posted up on some sleazy website.

5. I made out with someone on a first date which reminded moi a lot like the guy who thought I gave him an STD. How so? He looked like the guy and had this whole "I do not want to date you but I want to fuck you" vibe going on. Hell, he was a good kisser and not bad with his hands. Nonetheless, I do not plan on seeing him since I am not going to go down the road again of fucking in a park, getting bit by mosquitoes and later having him accuse moi of giving him an STD. For the last time, I am STD free and I get checked out once a month. Hell, my pap smear said I was damn normal.

All right, I better get back to my studies and lining up dates for this month. I want to bring someone to the Indie Erotic Film Festival which is happening soon in the Castro. Anyone thinking of going?

Whip in one hand and apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

P.S: Follow moi on tumblr, tweeter and the picture of the three males came from tumblr.



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