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A Tale Of A Submissive & A Paddle

*Get on your hands and knees. Crawl over to me, my darling pet

As I say those words, I slowly crook my finger at him. Those words are the order for him to get over to me on his hands and knees. He looks wary at the carpeted floor and wonders how he is going to explain away the rug burns to his tennis buddies or his office co-workers. Yet, when I whistle for him to look at me, I can see the glint of wanting to satisfy the command in his eyes. He may have to lie about the rug burns but it is all worth it if he is able to please not only himself but me. I know that this arrangement will have to end one of these days. The hold of his vanilla life will be too much and he will have to make a decision sooner or later.

Death Is Only The Beginning...

April 1st to 28th [228-248] - Death Is Only The Beginning...

I keep forgetting to figure out the days. All I know is that the past four weeks have been up, down, all around and side to side. Good and not-so good things have happened but all of it a great experience. Here it is starting from the beginning of April but no viable dates are remembered since my mind was all over the place the past few weeks. Only last two weeks have I been putting my mind back together. This is going to be broken up into two to three more threads since there is a lot of writing to be given. For now, I want to speak about...

Death is only the beginning.

I have heard this quote from The Mummy and if anyone has not seen it, you should because you might even like it. Nonetheless, death is something writers, poets, artists and many more individuals bring up in their subjects.


Mother, Does This Sex Toy Go With My Shoes?

May 14th [264] -- Mother, Does This Sex Toy Go With My Shoes?


Let Them Eat Cake With Chopsticks!

May 7th [257] - Let Them Eat Cake With Chopsticks!

Friday morning was uneventful for I had too many things on my plate to try and have fun outside of the apartment. Besides, I had plans for later tonight to go out with the girls (the main group I work with the organization) to have Mexi-Hawaiian food on Taraval. Why waste my energy on other things when knowing the girls', I was going to be tired out from the laughter and smiling. I have known the girls' (which was originally six girls, but one left due to personal reasons, making it five) for almost a year now. We spent countless hours together whether it was at work, after work, in my car (I drive the lot of them back to campus since a few of them have classes after work or need to take a few buses back to their place of residence) and we have become a family unit. In fact, I consider them sisters rather than good friends.


Comments Are Now Possible...

Comments are now enabled for people to make comments on the various blog entries plastered all over Whip and Apple. I know I received a few IM's and personal messages from individuals asking me if I planned to open comments. Yes, make your lovely comments since I know you are all watching me. Such stalkers.

Miss Marguerite

Kiss Thy Hand

Kiss thy hand which spanks your bottom.
A bottom made for I, alone.
Groan in pleasure from the strike.
Oh, what a bite.

Thank the lips which press against your chest.
A chest which quivers beneath my touch.
Sigh in ecstasy from the nips.
All the way down to your bits.

Release the breath in your throat.
Where my hands were wrapped around.
From which you sigh and gloat.
Careful now.

I am such a sight.
Clad in leather and latex.
Give you such a fright.
Instead I give you pleasure.

Pain and pleasure.
Pleasure and pain.
Such a triumphant gain.

---Miss Marguerite

Being Safe On BDSM Sites

Not only does one have to be safe when it comes to meeting other BDSM friendly individuals at munches, play parties, dungeons but for those who like to explore BDSM and M/s relationships online, there are a few tips to not only be safe but keep you from having a bad experience. Exploring one's BDSM side or even trying to find your way in the BDSM ocean, you must be careful not to end up in choppy or shark-infested waters.

Miss Marguerite & The City Day 1

This morning, I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock singing a tune or was it the alarm on the cell phone? I have no clue because the ring tone was to the roommate I now have sleeping in her twin bed to the left to me. It is strange, somehow to wake up in a place which was not the one I have lived in for the past twenty years. Out of place not to see loved ones and familiar faces outside my bedroom door or coming over to drop off a plate of mole or pizza.

Marguerite Is Here And Is She Queer?

Haha, well, it is a question I have gotten from a lot of people and even a few friends. I am not saying it is a bad thing to ask because I do have a personality that is open to both sides. Well to let it be known, I am bisexual and what is wrong about being someone on the fence about whether to be straight or lesbian? A few friends of mine tell me that being bisexual is a cop out because I do not know what I want in a relationship. Interesting to hear my friends say that because I seem to have more relationships and stable ones at that then with them being one or the other.

Do Not Let Me Go!

Do Not Let Me Go!

We must let you go.
Go where?
Anywhere, just go.

No, I want to stay.
Where the creatures play
I will not go.
Do not say!

You cannot stay.
There is the door.
Never return.
I am done with this chore.

No word to talk it over?
The discussion is final.
Pack your bags.
You are finished.

No, do not let me go.

I want to...stay.

---Miss Marguerite

Straight, Gay, Queer, Femme, Butch, That Is Not My Name...

Straight, Gay, Queer, Femme, Butch, That Is Not My Name...

Note: This is not against anyone nor is it against anything has done or said towards anyone. This is merely a comment and curiosity as to 'gender and sexual identity words' and how it can affect me and only me in my day to day life most of all my love life. If this somehow can be related back to you, thank you for reading but I am no expert on this subject. Take this with a grain of salt and maybe a bar of chocolate.


Lifestyle Or Professional Mistress, Which Is Which?

Now, some people think that Masters and Mistress' (Dom's and Domme's) are overrated or even strangling the real world and yes, I have noticed there are a few amateurs who feel he or she can simply state he/she can be an owner. I am not an amateur nor do I feel that what I do is to pass the time while I find something better to do. I find there is an art form and a set of rules a Dom/Domme and their Slave/Submissive must have in order to have a relationship whether it is physical or not. These rules help to ease some of the tension in the M/S relationship before anything great and enduring can come out of it. I am not going to ever stop being a Mistress/Domme and decide that this is a game to me.

Spank Me, Flog Me, But Do It With Care

Spank me, flog me, but do it with care is something everyone should keep in their minds when it comes to BDSM or Master/slave(submissive) relationships. There is a fine line that can easily cross into an abusive relationship if not handled with care. Individuals may disagree with my response and I welcome you to add your commentary to the blog if you want to talk about your story or opinion on the matter.

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