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Study, Study & Pegging

Study, study and session. Those two things I have been up to in the past two weeks. I have done two sessions in the past two weeks and which I hope to type down and get up to the Whip and Apple readers. Right now, I have been trying to get by in the last two days of writing and revising papers. I am about finish with summer courses but I only have one week left. A week where I need to turn in a portfolio filled with two revised essays and two cover letters to explain each essay. On top of those two essays, I am to write an essay critiquing Rubin's Love Scale theory and explain what needs to be fixed or even scrapped all together. Once I am done with those two major things, I have to study for my last and final exam in Sexual Behaviors. I need to recall various terms about pornography, marriage, divorce, atypical sexual behavior and anything dealing with sexually transmitted illnesses.

Hopefully, once I am done with this weekend and the upcoming weekend, I will be able to get back into the spirit of things. I do know I have gladly started to interview a new submissive and an old submissive who parted from my side almost a year ago has come back into my life. The old submissive and I have a long history spanning almost two years. Two years were things were great between us but towards the end things became almost a mine field. There were things which set us off making it a volatile relationship which started to lose the trust between one another and we parted ways to give each other breathing room and a clear head. I will admit part of the problem was on my inability to trust him fully given how we met, along with having been told he was going to enlist in the military and the way in which it started to feel as if he was trying to change me in negative ways. Nonetheless, we have started to get in touch with one another and see the improvement in our lives and see if we might give this another shot.

Of course, I am taking it slow because I have changed in many ways, improved my abilities, honed and made sure I did not cross the safe and consensual line. I think that is where we had problems. We never truly were in a Domme/submissive relationship. Instead, it was more like an actual relationship with BDSM thrown in because he had his life to live as a vanilla and he was not comfortable with the fact I am not one to settle or be monogamous with solely one individual. I hope to talk about him and what happened before to the Whip and Apple readers. For now, I need to get back to striking away at the study guide for my final exam. At least you know I am alive and enjoyed myself immensely with a bi-curious female submissive which I will write about the pegging experience I had with her in a few days.

Until next time...

Whip in one hand and tempting red apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

P.S., you can follow me at twitter: MsMarguerite

P.S., the picture was taken at Fisherman's Wharf a few years back on my Nokia on a familia trip. Though it was appropriate considering I want to be at the beach instead of studying, oh well.



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Dudel Says: The funny thing

Dudel Says: The funny thing is what was pulled from this, and that was Rubin's Love Scale. Out of everything that made me go "What the heck?" As a typical response to such things, Google was asked and while there is little laymen info on it, the general thought behind the theory is interesting. I just "love" the fact someone broke down the concept to an almost mathematical level, especially considering people use that word too heavily and too often.

But I babble, an interesting view on the world that surrounds Marguerite; it was just the new concept that sent me on a learning expedition and a want to thank you, of sorts.

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