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Halloween Weekend Starting Up...

Halloween Weekend Starting Soon...

I am taking this weekend to interact and re-energize or maybe exorcise the not-so-moi mood away with other friends and roommates. How am I going to do it?

Today: I am going to Chili's with my roommate, Shorty, her friend and my friend Vi., who has been a great friend and stuck around when the mess started to seep from the walls. We are going for the 2 for $20 deal which is great for the college students. After, we are all going to the mall, Vi and I went to last weekend to go shopping at the three story Target to grab essentials for Halloween weekend. Later, Vi and I plan to get dressed and hit a rave happening near my apartment for a few hours before coming back to the apartment to watch more horror movies. I want to overdose on horror movies because I adore them and Vi had become my horror buddy.

Saturday: I believe more horror movies, a bit of resting, go out to a place or stay in to watch, yes, you got it, more horror movies with Vi. Saturday is on the edge of what exactly I am planning but I want to have the energy for Sunday which is going to be mighty interesting.

Sunday: Vi and I are going over to Wa.'s house, a male co-worker and a friend to watch, yes, more horror movies at his place. Finally, I will go over to his place after he has gotten to know mine far too many times for work. Sorry lovelies, I am not taking Wa to my lovely bedroom because I have come to see him as a great friend and part of my friend familia. He is like a brother to me and we joke around far too much for there to be anything more than hugging and creeping each other out with our stares and faux winking. We are all going to hang out at his place, watch more horror movies and then stay up to wait out 'The Walking Dead' on AMC a new zombie series. Hopefully it gets a few episodes in to get a renewal but I wonder how this plotline is going to last past a few episodes. Still, I cannot wait and this is what I am going to do in order to get back to my debauchery life.

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