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Death Is Only The Beginning...

April 1st to 28th [228-248] - Death Is Only The Beginning...

I keep forgetting to figure out the days. All I know is that the past four weeks have been up, down, all around and side to side. Good and not-so good things have happened but all of it a great experience. Here it is starting from the beginning of April but no viable dates are remembered since my mind was all over the place the past few weeks. Only last two weeks have I been putting my mind back together. This is going to be broken up into two to three more threads since there is a lot of writing to be given. For now, I want to speak about...

Death is only the beginning.

I have heard this quote from The Mummy and if anyone has not seen it, you should because you might even like it. Nonetheless, death is something writers, poets, artists and many more individuals bring up in their subjects.


Let Them Eat Cake With Chopsticks!

May 7th [257] - Let Them Eat Cake With Chopsticks!

Friday morning was uneventful for I had too many things on my plate to try and have fun outside of the apartment. Besides, I had plans for later tonight to go out with the girls (the main group I work with the organization) to have Mexi-Hawaiian food on Taraval. Why waste my energy on other things when knowing the girls', I was going to be tired out from the laughter and smiling. I have known the girls' (which was originally six girls, but one left due to personal reasons, making it five) for almost a year now. We spent countless hours together whether it was at work, after work, in my car (I drive the lot of them back to campus since a few of them have classes after work or need to take a few buses back to their place of residence) and we have become a family unit. In fact, I consider them sisters rather than good friends.

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