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30 Days of Letters- Day 1 — Your Best Friend

A Letter To My Best Friend:

Dear Best Friend,

I must say we ended up becoming fast best friends really quickly. My letter would have been addressed to someone else but that bitch really fucked up our friendship. You know the story about the former best friend. The one who fucked me over too many times and I let her do it because we knew each other inside and out. We were almost like one of those dysfunctional couples and it was only that I moved to San Francisco that I realized how fucked our friendship was; thankfully, I met you a year later and my god, I can see what it is like to have a positive friendship. The other one was always negative and ended up talking about her privilege but fucked up life. With us, you and I get along because of our backgrounds and we do not fault one another for the shit we did before now. You enjoy the fact I have a perverted and gutter mind while I smile at the fact your familia resembles my own.

I doubt we would have met and become fast best friends had I not almost scratched my car up against another car in the parking lot of my apartment complex. I noticed you hauling down some humongous writing desk with your three other roommates and a male. All I thought at first was whether you all saw me almost damage another car and whether you would be living near my apartment. No one young lived around moi and I hoped the four of you would live close by to get to know the other girls and you. When you invited moi to see Scott Pilgrim with your roommates, you gave me a hand to get to know everyone. Somehow, I got to know you more than the others and learned we each had similar backgrounds and attitudes when it came to life. You were not one to bullshit and I liked that about you along with your great dancing skills.

Then when shit went down with two of your roommates, I was there for you and I made sure you knew I had your back even if I knew you for a little while. We went out to the movies on together and went window shopping which helped considering we both were tight on money and respected the situation. Somehow, you have become a fast friend which I call best friend. Plus on top of it all, you are moving into the apartment since Shorty is moving out. I will miss Shorty but to get the chance to live with you since you are already stayed 80% of the time at my apartment will be something else. I just want to let you know I will be here for you no matter what even if you have your own up and down. You already know I can spot when you are lying and you are starting to notice my own habits as well. May we have many more shared memories and hit on the hot professors in your classes. I will see you in a bit to watch some soap opera movie or get you drunk.

Miss Marguerite