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Two Dates, One Day, Tired Feet

Today, I went on two dates today and I am bloody tired. My feet are still aching, my thighs hurt and I might get my ass sick again because of the weather. All in all, a great experience considering I got my ass lost to get to the second date after I ditched the first day. Oh, yes, these dates were with two different males, at the same area but a few hours apart. Here is the short version and give the long version later after I finish my second part of NSVG.:'

The first date was going so-so up until the end when he assumed my profession as a Dominatrix and lifestyle Domme were equivalent to being a sex worker. I literally stopped in mid-walk and looked at him with my 'I am not motherfucking amused' look. I let him know being a Lifestyle Domme is not the same as being paid as an escort. Somehow, he assumed he was in the right and from there, I shut up (because it was stupid to argue with someone who will not budge) and ended the date promptly. I did not give him a hug, no handshake, nothing. I waved him off and walked in the other direction.

The second date was good but it felt more like me watching an awkward guy get used to the fact he was on a date with someone who was more open than him. He was quiet at times, funny, but at the end, he was honest about being attracted to me physically and sexually but not datable material. I smiled and let him know that I enjoyed feeling him up (I literally stroked his cock to attention under the table at a Starbucks) and I let him grab my breasts and stroke me through my jeans; on top of it, he is good fuckable material. We have tentative plans to watch the Erotic Film Festival this Thursday.

Short and sweet but get more soon enough. I know, I am behind on writing but if I do not go out, I have nothing to talk about darlings.

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

Twitter: MsMarguerite
Tumblr: Miss Marguerite's Tumblr

P.S.S: This photograph of the two people holding each other, I managed to get it from a thread on a favorite writing and roleplaying site I am involved with; check it out.



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