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A Small Update Along With A Pair of Boots

This week was crazy but it also was not note worthy. I have been busy staring at image of male and female genitalia for my Sexual Behaviors class. ML was kind enough to be the image of the male genitalia and the two of us managed to get off task with my hand around his cock and his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Hand jobs are a thing of beauty and not a lot of individuals who I have talked to enjoy giving it, but I do especially when ML returns the favor.

ML came to stay over a few nights to comfort moi; he also made sure he was the someone to fuck when I wanted to get my frustrations out through a few bouts of sex. Right now, I have nothing to say about what is going on between ML and I. We are fucking and he has told me he 'forever' finished things with his old high school girlfriend. He said he felt he was trying to bring back old memories that were long gone and it was only going to end up with the same shit that ended their relationship. From what I can deduced, he may have cheated on her towards the end of their first go around but that is his business; not mine. Still, I did give him my ear to talk about relationships.

As for Not-So-Vanilla guy, he fell off the face of the fucking earth which is fine by moi. The man is too busy to even have a breath and while I am not on the look out to commit to anyone or a group of individuals, if we have to schedule four weeks in advance, might as well have sex by myself. He was a nice date but I am enjoying the company of others especially ML. I have no idea where things will go but having him around for the past week aided in keeping my stress and frustration level down. In fact, being able to fuck his brains out and even tie him up while I spanked his ass (he finally started to try a few things outside of the vanilla positions).

Really, nothing of great and important matters have happened other than ML, school and trying to keep it all from going to the dogs. I will say the weather in San Francisco has let up with the fog and the winds with a bit of sunshine. I even managed to find my favorite pair of licking boots which I assumed were lost in the move from the old apartment to the new apartment. I do enjoy these boots because it has three buckles on the side and are used in the session with individuals who enjoy boot licking. Of course, they are a bit worse from wear and I always make sure to disinfect between each session but I do enjoy taking them out on the town. What do you think? Pretty boots you wish you could lick?

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

P.S., you can follow me at twitter: MsMarguerite



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