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No. He should not be angry

No. He should not be angry with you. Like you said 'pot calling the kettle black'. If he's dicking around, then he shouldn't be angry with you having another person or two in your life. You two pretty much have an agreement.

I hate when men are okay with FWB (friends with benefits), but only if it means they get all the women they want and you sit at home waiting for him to call. That ain't the way it works and some men just need that fact shoved down their throats.

Sit and talk with him and let him know that you two had no conversation prior to this one about dating exclusively, that he specifically said he wasn't ready to settle down, and that you were honest enough to tell him about it before he heard it from someone else.



P.S. You're in the right and I think you handled it properly. Just because he doesn't want to be an adult about it doesn't mean you have to sink to his possible childish level. Truth is, I think he might be jealous. One of those guys that is okay with an open relationship so long as he's the only one allowed to be open about it. He may not of even realized this about himself till now. Just talk it out with him.


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