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Test Came Back & All Is Well

This morning, I received an email from Awkward Guy about his test results. Should you be reading my blog for the first time, I should advice you to read up on the latest blog posts to know what I am talking about; always helps to know what you are reading instead of wondering who are these many individuals in my lives who cause either wonderful mayhem or horrible controversies.

Now, as for Awkward Guy's email, it had the results of his tests he took to see whether or not he contracted something dire from moi (I am clean lovelies and also you can read my results from other blog posts).

Let me hear a drum roll please or at least pretend you are anxiously waiting to find out whether or not there was the possibility of sexually transmitted disease passed around during the park rendezvous.




The male is clean of sexually transmitted diseases and instead has received a nice urinary tract infection which was the cause for his downstairs problem and not the fact I could have been a dirty whore all of the week before seeing him. After finding out the relief of neither of us contracting or even holding a nefarious disease of the flesh, I sent him an email that was short, quick and almost like a 'sayonara'.

What? I doubt Awkward Guy wants to tango in the sheets with moi after he admitted his prudish nature and his regret over the park excursion. Such a damn shame since I made plans to be his sexual teacher and show him the many ways to enjoy a female. I do enjoy individuals who do not have much sexual experience and are open to being tutored on how to pleasure and maximize a night, day, or a fling with another. C'est la vie.

Nevertheless, I would not blame him if he wanted to fall off of the face of the earth and not contact moi. Hell, I am known to overwhelm individuals with my personality and I find shy individuals usually end up wafering under my direct gaze and constant observations. I will say Awkward Guy had me beat with observing because of his own tendency to watch moi. Hell, every time I felt his gaze on moi, I usually gave a cheeky smile in return. I can never say why I felt the need to smile and he even asked moi but that might be for another one of those inner monologues and analyzing which will take up too damn time.

For now, with the relief of knowing the two of us are sexually clean, it is throwing me back into the dating scene. What? I enjoy dating and even more if I can pick up friends, lovers, fuck buddies, friends with benefit or even submissives along the way. I am the girl who enjoys to get to know people whether it is a friendly gesture or giving a handjob beneath the table at a coffee shop. No, I did not give Awkward Guy a handjob beneath the table but I might have had there been a cloth covering our laps.

Oh well.

Until then,

Miss Marguerite

P.S.: Follow me on twitter with the handle MsMarguerite or on Tumblr which has some of the pictures I upload on this blog onto that other site. Also comment and give me any advice, ideas or even what your thoughts are on what I am doing with my life. Though if you spam me, I will block your ass like I would when I happily cock block.

P.S.S: The image of the gorgeous male pumping gas, I found on google images a few years back when I wanted to find hunky men doing usual things in the world. If anyone knows who owns this photograph, let me know so I can give them their props.



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