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One Night With NSVG

All right. I thought I was done with NSVG but like the expression, 'Just when I try to get out, they pull me back in', NSVG (Not So Vanilla Guy) pulled me right the fuck back into getting to know him. How did I start? Well, let me tell you readers:

I finished my first class of the morning and started to walk back to my apartment to fix myself a lunch, check email and print out a few things for my next classes. Usually, I receive text messages from friends, familia and a few people I have started to see over the past two months. Lo and behold, I check my number and it is an unknown number. I frown and look at the area code before figuring out who it is: Not So Vanilla Guy. I deleted his number a while back after he went off my radar and I went exploring other individuals. Out of the blue, he texts me and asks if I want to watch a movie with him. Considering, I am seeing other people and he is fine with the fact I am all over the place with individuals, I know I do not need to worry over him about getting boyfriend on moi.

Now let me fast forward to his place:

His place was like a shoe box by how short it was to show off his place. I think it only took less than thirty seconds to go from one room to the other. I am sharing an apartment with two other females for around six hundred a month and I am glad to share the burden of the rent for a large place instead of keeping tiny flat in the city. His bed was on his floor, a tiny kitchen and a small bathroom. I will give him the benefit of the doubt because he had a nice bathroom. He was not lying about the movie to be played on his laptop and while I could have sat down on the only chair in the room but a part of me wanted to make myself comfortable on his bed. Plus, it would let me see how awkward the situation would be though I would enjoy very much pushing his cardigan buttons and making him nervous as all can get out.

While NSVG went to work on setting up the movie after I picked it out on his laptop, I settled myself on his bed. At first, I sat on the edge of the bed, hunched over and not really wanting to slide all the way back to the wall. Though a few minutes bent over as he hooked up the small stereos to his laptop, the back was starting to make itself known of the aches and pains of running around all day. I really need to get someone to step on my back and set the bones back into place. Hopefully, the male knows how to work his hands on my back but the way he nervously clasps them or moves them around, he might be intimidated from my presence. A lot of people have told me I can be very intimidating and I managed to even frighten a few people whenever I come into a room. There are times I do not even realize I can scare an individual into waiting until I left the building before tentatively making sure I am not around to use my wit and sarcasm on them. Not my problem I was raised in a sarcastic household.

Still, it amused me to make the male uncomfortable and I ended up sliding back to the wall to stretch out my legs. I crossed at the ankle and my arms on my lap with no intention to get near him. I wanted to watch the movie, talk a bit with him and get back to the apartment to sleep. I had a meeting with my supervisor the following day in the morning to go over a few things for the site I am going to work on for the next two semesters. Now, this is where it started to go towards his need of my body and my own suspicion that this 'movie' night was to go towards sex. I was all over the sex which was going to be wonderful no matter if he was denied his orgasmic pleasure. What? I want my god damn orgasms and if the male or female looks to be selfish or not getting to the finish line, I will throw their ass overboard if it gets to be too much.

At the moment when the movie started, it was good, the two of us talking about a few things here and there. I think I mentioned the plans I had for this weekend which was still up in the air. Within twenty minutes of the movie, a few things started to go down and it still makes me smile like no other. His hand creeped up on my leg and rubbed my thigh back and forth while my gaze continued to stay on the movie. I wanted to see the evil little mannequins with their weird 80s animation and I continued to let him with the hand motions. It was interesting to see him continue with the stroking all the while I kept most of my attention on the film. I enjoy horror movies and it was a bit of a sadistic part of me to see him get uncomfortable over the movie. The male is not a horror fan and I believe he mentioned being afraid of horror movies. I rarely come across males who are not into bloody and gory movies. A slew of my friends enjoy horror movies and I even bonded with the girls down the hall of the apartment complex over True Blood and a few slasher flicks.

Nonetheless, to see NSVG all in a tizzy over the horror movie kept my attention on him. He was different from a few individuals I came across in the last two months. Yes, I get around a lot people. I am a female free to explore in the vast ocean of males, females and genderqueer people. What can I say, I have been told my personality is that to a gay male which I think fits the bill. I am outgoing and overwhelm people with my personality which I managed to do the first time I met NSVG and even now, as we watch the movie. The movie continued to get better with its cliche writing and the clothing but his bed started to move away from the wall. That is the downside to having a bed on the ground with hardwood floors, things are bound to shift and move around. Our constant shifting and getting comfortable on the bed ended up with the bed sliding away from the wall and my ass about to fall in between the gap.

Like a gentleman, or maybe a nervous gentleman, the two of us pushed back the bed and my ass getting tired of sitting on the bed decided it wanted to lay on its side. I will say I was getting comfortable at his place and because it was close to my own designated bed time. I think I said something to make him smile and announced my decision to lay on his bed. Maybe, I imagined it but I saw a spark in his eyes and subconsciously, I left the door open for his ass to come on through it trotting like a damn horse. This night was going to end up in fucking on his bed but I wanted not to know the answer to the simple question. A part of me wanted to be surprised even if I knew I wanted to fuck his brains out.

The male spooned me from behind, my right arm beneath my head as the movie started to get a lot more bloodier with the mannequins started to kill the occupants in the hotel. By this point, he started to kiss the side of my neck and letting his hand roam over my stomach and chest. If you noticed, I am a very descriptive person in case you think I am making up this shit off the top of my head. My memory is the best thing I have and the worst thing especially when I want to forget past loves. I can still remember the smell of my ex-boyfriend from four years ago, as he engulfed me with his Axe cologne and informed me he planned to leave me for another female. The irony is the female he left me for, I became real good friends and we see each other whenever I am in town to talk about our lives and our mistakes over Pa. Even today, I can barely stand Axe spray because it brings back memories of the time with Pa. and how I really hated the fact I feel for his spiel.

This memory of mine is great when it comes to describing the way Not So Vanilla Guy kept up the kissing on my neck, the stroking of his fingers against my stomach and chest, all the while my eyes stayed on the movie but I was moaning and grinding back into him by the middle of the movie. I have been told I am a frigid bitch in the bedroom with certain individuals (mostly Male Lover) and I could tell NSVG felt he needed to work twice as hard to warm me up to his ministrations. After not seeing him for a long time and getting the notice to watch a movie out of the blue, I did not expect the two of us to engage in make outs or go beyond that; I expected him to be nervous, not really talk much, watch the movie and head back to the Muni rail to go back to the apartment. He is not disgusting, rude or ugly by any means but sometimes his social skills are really off par or he might not realize the way he acts could be misconstrued as the air of douche bag.

Let me explain for those who have not followed the NSVG story line, he is not going to be in San Francisco too much. He plans to leave the city to go on some after college tour and wants to be casual with someone while he is here. Fine, I can deal with that considering I am seeing other individuals at this moment in time. I am still seeing the poly couple who I adore but it is a long-distance relationship which means no one is around moi to connect further. It is not their fault and I do not blame them for the distance thing but I will say it makes it harder to keep the bond strong when I am on the prowl in San Francisco. I care for them deeply and I plan to see them soon as the damn airlines will stop trying to screw me over a barrel with high ticket prices. For now, I have a few lovelies in the city and one NSVG who is doing his best to keep me from yawning or ignoring him completely for the movie.

Somehow, he manages to distract me from the movie. The kisses on the neck which first started as pecks has now moved onto nips and biting with the sucking of skin. As of now, I have tiny little marks on my neck which is either from his teeth or the whiskers of his bears. Luckily, it looks more like I scratched myself rather than the noticeable hickey from a mouth. The vanilla job frowns on having any noticeable marks and I like not to have people ask me if I was smacked in the neck or attacked by a sucker fish. Still, his sucking and his kissing became aggressive which brought out my nature to want to dominate and take over. He knows what I am when I described it to him along with sexual preferences. We even joked about the blonds in the movie who was pleasuring herself in the tub. I mentioned I enjoyed brunettes more than blonds and I think he agreed but he sort of mumbled the answer.

Soon, I forgot the movie all together as I turned in his arms to hungrily kiss him. He likes to use a lot of tongue and most of the time, I am not found of lots of tongue action but he was working his tongue in the right ways. Plus, I may have started to suck and bite on his bottom lip to show him a bit of what I could do with my mouth later on. The kissing turned into groping and my hands started to wander while his did the exact same thing. Funny, his hands which were calloused, were the right amount to get my blood pumping and itching to rip his clothes off. The breathing got heavier and we were fumbling around like teenagers to get rid of clothes. There were a few times he reached down between my legs and started to stroke my clit through my jeans that I thought I might end up biting his lower lip off. Oh, not a bad thing but the way he rubbed it made me angry that he was not getting the jeans off.

His hand started to slide and...

Part 1 of One Night With NSVG. You want more? Wait until the next post since it is motherfucking long.

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

Twitter: MsMarguerite
Tumblr: Miss Marguerite's Tumblr

I love this photograph and I believe it is an ad for shoes but I forgot who is the photographer. Still, I give them credit since it is not my own picture.



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Ghhh!! ;o; Why did you have

Ghhh!! ;o; Why did you have to end now??? ;o; -can't wait for part2-


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