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Here Is Something Juicy For Now

Right now, I am in the middle of classes since I started my Fall classes last week which seem easy but are starting to take my mellow vibe for granted. I hope to get something out this week or even if it is a short one, to let the readers know I am alive and not ignoring my Whip and Apple. I enjoy the comments everyone has given and even the spam seems to bring a smile to my lips. I will give some quick updates to keep you coming for more:

I will say I am in a somewhat poly relationship though it is fresh and new so I am not going to talk too much on it. What can I say, I do not want to jinx the beginning of something brand new. Though I do know these individuals long before the romantic feelings started to come in; what? I can be a god damn romantic person even if I do what I do and I love it.

As for Not So Vanilla Guy, that male keeps on coming back just when I think I am done with his ass. Last night, he emailed me and it was a bit of a surprise because I had thought whether he was still playing games with other individuals. I do not know what to do with him but I know I am not leaving the door open for him in anything romantic. He wants to be friend, fine, I can deal with it since he can do his game playing on someone else.

School is great, I have four psychology classes and one class for work. Three of the psychology falls on two days in the middle of the week with one day in between to rest and study. I get up around eight in the morning, go to my first class, come back to rest for an hour before going to the two back to back classes. I am usually out before 3:30 and go back to the apartment to plan, study, rest, engage with individuals and make plans for the next few days.

Friends are good, a lot of friends from the past are popping up. I will tell you more about this later and even comment to remind me if I forget.

Familia, another thing that will get its own post. A lot of stuff has gone down with the familia, good, bad, and somewhat in between. Again, remind me if I forget since this is a big chunk.

Until next time...

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

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