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Alive & Done With Summer Classes

Yes, I have ended and survived five weeks of summer classes.

Five weeks ago, I started out with two classes, each four hours, for two days a week. Oh yes, I spent four hours in a classroom for four days as week. I bet a few people are squirming in their seats at the thought of being in a college classroom considering many would want to get the shortest class hour time, myself included. I can handle one hour classes I attend three days a week because I do not lose focus or concentration. Yet, with the state of California, colleges need to cut out classes or to add more hours to them to save a few thousand dollars. Now, the three day a week class has been shoved into once a week class for three hours. Spring semester, I took two three hour classes in the evenings which gave rise to the need for pepper spray and a buddy to walk back to my apartment.

Now, I can rest for...six days? Yes, six days considering I obtained a slightly higher position in the job I worked in the last year. Remember, I have my vanilla job which covers the expenses of school and the other job as a Dominatrix. Some have asked me if that is all I do as a Dominatrix then why not refer to myself as a Professional Domme? Well, I am a part-time Dominatrix, full time college student and full-time Lifestyle Domme. My life as a lifestyle Domme and part-time Professional Domme do not intertwine. I have submissives who are not paying clients and I do not have clients who are my submissives. If a submissive is a submissive in my lifestyle-Domme, I do not ask him, her or hir* to give me tributes, pay me for an hour or so of my time or to rent a hotel room to conduct business. With being a Professional Domme, I do not sell my body as an escort would when it comes to coitus. I do not have sexual intercourse where I am the receiver with the paying submissive. Instead, we act out a fantasy he or she has but it never widdles down to me laying back while they are fucking me into the bed.

If I wanted to be an escort, I would rather be the Madame running a profitable Brothel. Many say I have the skill to keep an establishment on the carnal pleasures and fantasy going in Nevada and should the life of a psychology student not pan out, you might see me running a lucrative Brothel in Nevada. For now, I am enjoying the luxury of resting for the next few days and getting back to the grind of vanilla work and fall classes.

On top of it all, I came to the familia compound to help out with the familia due to my sister's gall bladder problems. Since she was a baby, the sister had stomach problems which the doctors were never able to find out. Then for the past three to four years the stomach pains and the problems went away. Only recently, have the doctors found her to have a form of acid reflux which causes her not to be able to process gases which means she cannot burp if she feels full and the air/gases build up in her stomach which hurts her a lot. Now, it is come to find out she has gall bladder problems and needs surgery to remove the gall bladder all together. I plan to help out by running part of the household, running errands and generally try not to piss her off. We are both like oil and water in how we view things. I believe I talked about her feelings on my lifestyle and the need not to know too much of what I do so long as we do not end up murdering one another, we should be fine.

By next Wednesday, I either plan to stay the night in the hospital with her and the familia or leave after she is taken into surgery to go back into the city. I start training orientation for the new job in the vanilla organization which spans two days and it is eight hours each. The orientation and training will break to give me enough time to breathe and try to enjoy the last weekend before fall classes start. Plus, I plan to see a few submissives at the apartment or out at dinner giving me enough time to spank a few more bottoms. What do you think?

Miss Marguerite

P.S., you can follow me at twitter: MsMarguerite


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Dudel Says: I think if you

Dudel Says: I think if you find that the best plan of action, you should do it. Personally, I could not help family who chose to shun or berate a lifestyle choice of mine. This just makes you a much better person than so many others, self included. You are a very good person, to say the least.

Luck with your sibling on getting better and I really do think things should be fine considering you are taking time in order to make her life a little easier during this period of things.

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