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30 Days of Letters- Day 2 — Your Crush/Boyfriend

Dear Crush(es),

Yes, I have various crushes, both real and fictional considering the fact I have crushes for characters in books, movies or in other types of media and crushes whenever I am interacting with individuals. In the city, there are various personalities and types of people I come across which made me open myself up to crushing more often. Hell, I have gone on dates and had crushes on men and women I might not have given a second glance to had I not moved out to San Francisco. I would not consider myself in a relationship with anyone thus not having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Though I am seeing individuals, I doubt it counts since I do not see them or talk to them that often other than a few passing hellos and maybe even a nice conversation around the bend. Lately, crushes have been eye crushes where I enjoy giving a nice eye fuck to them but never really approach because I do not see myself wanting anything from them other than a wiggle of their hips or a nice blown kiss.

However, there are crushes who have made me itch in a few desirable places and no it was not crabs or the clap. I remember one crush and it might be to the one I am writing this letter to who almost made me give up a part of myself to take the chance to run off to Europe with him/you. Him/you and his partner both adored moi and I adored them in return though I was much young at the time, barely having turned eighteen years old while the two were in their early thirties. No, it was never taking advantage of my young age because I pursued such crushes. The two were planning to head for the summer and the rest of the year to Europe to travel. I almost gave up going to college and everything else on a crush of him and his partner. Man, I really did care for them but I could not give up everything for a young crush. I had no idea if the two were going to be there for the long haul. Only until years later did I find out you two moved to San Francisco to settle with an adopted son. The son looks too much like my crush but I doubt I would be a great mother.

Right now, all I can say is I have many crushes and those crushes will stay crushes until I find one or many of them can pass over the line into being loves and part of my life. I will always enjoy being in the infatuation or the crush phases but never do I want to get too head over heels with such individuals.

Good night, Crushes,

Miss Marguerite