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Mother, Does This Sex Toy Go With My Shoes?

May 14th [264] -- Mother, Does This Sex Toy Go With My Shoes?

Shopping with my mother is always a new experience. I never know whether it is going to be a good one or one where I have to throw back a couple of aspirins to fight back the headache. There are times we have a ball going through the racks of clothes or checking out the new paperback books at the local book store. Other times, we yell or make glaring looks at one another because we cannot agree to disagree on clothing options or some other subject not even related to shopping. She managed to find out I was buying sex toys when I mentioned a toy store in passing while trying on clothes. I should have known she would jump on the topic and ask me why I would know the store unless I had been inside. It was my own fault and we ended up arguing whether I was being 'careful' not to receive a reputation. Even living on the Island and two hours away from anyone who might recognize me as her daughter, she still made it seem as if people were watching me from all sides.

Though I enjoyed taking her to her first ever adult toy shop. It was the same sex shop she had interrogated me in the dressing room. Jokingly, I asked her if she wanted any massage oils since she is always on the look out for oils that can help ease any back pains. Once in a while she gets herself a massage to try and release any soreness or tense muscles. I mentioned hitting the adult toy store because they usually have a nice selection of massage oils and even in different scents should she want to smell cherry or peppermint while my father massages her neck. How amusing it was to see her in the adult toy store, looking through the massage oils all the while there are edible underwear's and shot glasses with male genitalia painted on them surrounding her. She was fixated on the bottles and nothing else.

Now, I wondered how she was going to be when I returned home to visit for the next few weeks. When I returned to the nest or the familia compound, it was hot and sticky. The weather, I mean, and try not to get too many dirty thoughts from 'hot and sticky' just yet ladies and gentleman. The weather was hot and sticky in the Valley than in the Bay Area. Once more, the Bay Area weather confuses me like no other and while I have somewhat grown accustomed to it, I am more in tune with the Valley weather. Where I wore a long-sleeved shirt in the Bay Area, in the morning, I changed into a short-sleeved Xavier shirt in the afternoon. I exchanged the flats for flip flops, the gear I usually wear around the familia or during school.

That is two worlds I move around in; I am a lifestyle Domme who walks in the world of the vanilla and I also play the vanilla role without much problems. I crack the whip and carry textbooks. I am both and while it may be considered straddling the line, I find I am able to work in both worlds without having to completely shut off people from either. However, I do respect the wishes of those who need time to grow accustom to my lifestyle or want to wait a while. I am not going to force my lifestyle choices down the throats of anyone. Besides, if I do that I could get murder charges of choking someone on my lifestyle. I would hate to end up writing this blog from prison though if I did get a nice butch for a cell mate, I might be happy. So far, there are groups of individuals who know my lifestyle Domming and a few are glad to be a part of the 'Domme knowing' circle. Jokingly, a friend even mentions my lifestyle to try and spruce up a conversation when it becomes drab and boring.

Now with the mother, she knows about my sexuality and has come around to it. For those who are dialing in a bit late, I am bisexual though I like to say I am ambiguously sexual when it comes to individuals. Whatever catches my eye is what I go for no matter the gender or sexuality. That usually means I flirt with heterosexual females or homosexual males but in the end it was always good practice on my 'gaydar'. Where does my sexuality come into play at the mother/daughter shopping time? I was looking a little longer than necessary at a salesclerk who had beautiful ebony skin and full pouting lips. The mother or Maja as I call her noticed my look and whispered if I was going to burn a hole into the female's face or try to get her number.

Go Maja and her comments. I did chat up the female but found out she was happily married to her husband of a year. Such a damn shame but it was great to see Maja encouraging me all the while checking out what to buy as a birthday gift for a fellow friend. We ended up shopping for items for ourselves instead of the intended parties. It was the pair of cheetah print shoes which brought Maja and I together. It may be a pair of shoes to someone but it secured that Maja is fine with how I am sexually and while it may not bring her grandchildren, she has accepted that part of me. Now, I wonder how I am going to break the news about being a Domina and having a few submissives running around. She might either faint or ask if the submissives can come over to clean up her house and shine her boots. Just like Maja.

Miss Marguerite
Part of the Miss Marguerite & The City
Day 264



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