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Updates & More Updates

Man, it has been almost a month since I last blogged about anything though I have a few things which kept me from wanting to blog.

-The nephew came down with the whooping cough and I had to drop everything including a movie date, a fuck buddy session and a dominatrix session to see him and be at the hospital with him. The little guy is fine but when it comes to familia, familia comes first before everything which I think is why a lot of lovelies cannot handle the fact they are not my number one priority. Someone has to be with moi for at least a year, maybe two, before I start to see them in the top boxes with the familia

-With the nephew getting sick, I also had to deal with this lingering cough I have had since my bout of bronchitis back in December. The cough got to a point where I ended up throwing up most of the food because this cough will activate my gag reflex if I cough just above a few decibels of talking normally. I ended up losing ten pounds but without food in my stomach, I ended up hibernating in my bed in between going to work and classes. Thankfully, the cousin who is a nurse gave me a shot in the ass to calm down the coughing and suppress my gag reflex from interruping a nice dinner or eating out with friends.

-The laptop failed once more and I ripped the technical service a new one for trying to get moi to shell out another 60 bucks in shipping. I told them they owe me this shipping because they never fixed the hard drive problem. This time the laptop would shut off and on whenever it damn well pleased and kept informing moi I was using up 100 percent of my CPU when I only had one tab open and nothing else. Tricky little bastard.

-I also had to deal with finding a roommate to replace Shorty after seeing most of the potentials kept bailing or not showing up. Two girls wanted the room and both decided to change their minds at the last minute while another made an appointment to go to the leasing office and never showed up. Thankfully, the weekend before having to pay February rent, Vi, my home girl and best friend was able to get out of her lease and move into the room with moi. Now I am trying to convince my lovely Goldie to move up with her husband and baby into the other room once Ni. graduates and moves back South.

-Work has been up and down, all around like a fucking merry go round. Just stupid gossip drama which is trying to bring moi down but I keep pushing through it. I even took a fourteen hour nap/sleep in order to reenergize myself but I am already know I do not want to stick with this company anymore. I want to try something new after giving it two years.

-School has also been one of those pain in the asses with the schedule ruining my sleeping patterns.

-Going out on dates and finding myself wondering just where the fuck these individuals are coming from; some of them are flakers or keep having to switch themselves on and off. I never had to guess men and women this much in my life. Haight Man, damn, not even going to go there considering he is an on/off switch with his moods and is more like someone who likes to play games rather than take action. As I told everyone, if you want to play games, take it somewhere else. I am not trying to waste my time on people who really do not want to put some effort or at least give encouragement. Thankfully, I deleted several of these former lovelies from my phone and already on the move to grab new ones to see which one is going to stick around or hit the road.

So you can see where my time has gone and I still adore my blog and I will hopefully be able to get back to writing pretty soon. Right now, trying to get things organized because I am turning a year older in 10 days. I hope to get a few things on my wish list but most of all hoping friends and familia will get me gift certificates to Borders or What? I love books and can spend years in a library reading through my favorites.

Miss Marguerite


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*hugs* ~Izu



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