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Now Lick My Boots Clean, Submissive

*You have lost two rounds lovely. Now it is time to clean the victor's boots.

Those words vault the breathless submissive to sit up from his position on the ground and onto his hands and knees. He has lost the match. I am breathless as well but a smile plays upon my lips at the victory of pinning him to the floor with my corseted breasts. He in a pair of loose shirts, white tank top and barefooted. As for my gear, I stood in a black tank top, leather pants and buckled boots. For the match, I went sans a corset knowing it was going to end up ruined or torn. The point of the match was to wrestle each other to the ground and if clothes were ripped in the process, well, he would pay for ruining a good shirt. He lost and the cost of losing?

A good boot licking.

Yes, Mistress Marguerite. I have failed to win and now I must lick your boots

He may be apologetic in losing, but the glint in his eyes and the licking of his lips tell otherwise. He wants to lick my boots clean. The urge to flick his tongue across the top and bottom of my boots grasps a hold of him. He is out of breath but he has enough to ask if he has permission now to lick my boots. I tell him he can and I will stand over him to get the best view looking down at him. He is not told twice to lick my feet before he moves on his hands and feet to get closer to my buckled boots. I watch him and I feel him crowding against my legs to get as much of his face on the boots. I tell him to scoot back in order to let my eyes take in the sight of his pink tongue against my dirty and unlicked boots.

His tongue flicks across the top of my left buckled boots, a film of saliva left behind by his repetitive licking. I tell him to continue licking until I see my boots are glossed to a shine by his ministrations. As he does as I ask him in between licks, what is going through his mind? What does he feel? I enjoy gauging a submissive's commentary. Even if a submissive is gagged, I want them to at least blink out their responses. Some say it breaks the contact of the "high" for the submissive but if someone asks how you feel and ratchets it up to catapult you higher, why not engage in small conversation? At least you can see where to change things or throw them out the window.

For him, he whispers, "I enjoy licking your boots, Mistress Marguerite. Thank you for the opportunity. Can I lick more of your boots?. The tell tale in his glee for licking boots is in the wiggle of his ass. I lean forward and smack his ass, hearing a groan and a gasp fall from his lips. I gave him a warning earlier to keep himself still because he bumps his head into my legs. A head which is slick with gel and oil, no doubt from styling it until he plastered every bit of his hair down onto his forehead. I enjoy men who do not use too much product and knowing his greasy hair will stain my boots only resolves moi to issue him another smack on his ass.

If there are any further sessions, you will not wear anything in your hair. Look at the hard work you have done and it is ruined by your hair products. Now you will have to grab a towel to wipe everything off. Get up from your position, walk to the bathroom and bring a towel.

He leaves to get a towel after he is given permission to stand and leave to fetch. When he does, it is when I make my move to walk after him. Busy with grabbing a towel and wetting it under the sink, he glances up when my boots scuff the surface of the tiled bathroom. He is surprised and it is reflected in the facial expression he has in the reflection of the hotel mirror. We agreed to give him a surprise but never would I announce when the surprise would happen and if there ever might be in this session. However, I wanted to surprise him if only to test his resolve.

I press myself against his back, laying my hands on either side of his own. I want to crowd him and make him feel helpless in a safe setting. He will feel every bit of my body against the skin of his back, ass and thighs. I might be shorter, but size does not matter to moi. What matters is how one carries themselves in and out of the public. For moi, I bring one hand to his hip and the other to drag my nails along the skin of his back. I can see goosebumps rise up on his skin and another shudder wrack his body. He might wonder where my hand will drag itself next and he even pushes his ass against the crotch of my pants.

No harm would come towards the lovely submissive. Yet, there was the plan to leave marks on his back. Marks which he would wear beneath his clothes, a reminder of the night he let himself go. Let himself enjoy his passions with no fear and no judgment. A mark which would make him itch to want to touch and perhaps even "accidentally" scratch to bring the blood back up to the surface of the skin. A quick reminder of nails which scored his back. Nails, at the moment makes four vertical patterns down his back. I may have played a bit of tic-tac-toe on his back, his skin always showing where my nails scratched. His skin never touched by needle or piercings. It is a wonder to meet a male or anyone in this city who does not have a piercing or a tattoo. To drag my nails against virgin skin makes my energy sore higher.

You will leave here with these marks and I can promise you, it will be with a smile upon your face.

I am right.

*This is only a small part of a two and a half hour session which occurred last night, at Midnight or 12 o'clock Pacific time. This submissive came to moi to try out his enjoyment of boot licking, scratching, erotic wrestling and a few more items on his list.

After the session was over, as I do with every session, water, shower and watching over him to gauge his emotions and debriefing occurred before sending him on his way. I have also included a picture of the boots used in the session. Mmm, do you not wish you could have a lick?

I wanted all of my readers to enjoy something after a long spell of not seeing what I do as a Lifestyle Domme and a part-time Dominatrix. Leave any comments or questions and I will try to respond.

With a whip in one hand and an apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite



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English Dan, You can enjoy

English Dan,

You can enjoy them all you like because I still have them. I wear them out and about where I live.

Miss Marguerite, Thank you

Miss Marguerite,
Thank you for this story and for the photo of your beautiful black leather buckled boots.
I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I think you are.
Yours sincerely,
English Dan

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