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Friends With Benefits, His Lush Behind!

Last night, I ended up in an argument with a male lover. Over what? Over the fact he became enraged when he heard that I was seeing other people behind his back. Let me explain how the conversation started and how it ended up with him asking me if I was saying these lies or acting this way to get him to officially say he was my 'boyfriend'.

e[lust] #15

Photo courtesy of Sexy Tiger X

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of...Sex?

Sexual dreams. Do I have them? Yes? Do I remember them? Not exactly. Instead, I remember a feeling or even a smell about the dream. Yes, a smell or a look. Maybe even a glance. Oh yes, glances from strangers or even glancing at an object can bring back the rush of the dream. Almost like a deja-vu except I call it a sexual-vu.

Mother, Does This Sex Toy Go With My Shoes?

May 14th [264] -- Mother, Does This Sex Toy Go With My Shoes?


Being Safe On BDSM Sites

Not only does one have to be safe when it comes to meeting other BDSM friendly individuals at munches, play parties, dungeons but for those who like to explore BDSM and M/s relationships online, there are a few tips to not only be safe but keep you from having a bad experience. Exploring one's BDSM side or even trying to find your way in the BDSM ocean, you must be careful not to end up in choppy or shark-infested waters.

Marguerite Is Here And Is She Queer?

Haha, well, it is a question I have gotten from a lot of people and even a few friends. I am not saying it is a bad thing to ask because I do have a personality that is open to both sides. Well to let it be known, I am bisexual and what is wrong about being someone on the fence about whether to be straight or lesbian? A few friends of mine tell me that being bisexual is a cop out because I do not know what I want in a relationship. Interesting to hear my friends say that because I seem to have more relationships and stable ones at that then with them being one or the other.

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