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M/S Relationships

Updates & More Updates

Man, it has been almost a month since I last blogged about anything though I have a few things which kept me from wanting to blog.

-The nephew came down with the whooping cough and I had to drop everything including a movie date, a fuck buddy session and a dominatrix session to see him and be at the hospital with him. The little guy is fine but when it comes to familia, familia comes first before everything which I think is why a lot of lovelies cannot handle the fact they are not my number one priority. Someone has to be with moi for at least a year, maybe two, before I start to see them in the top boxes with the familia

Spank Me, Flog Me, But Do It With Care

Spank me, flog me, but do it with care is something everyone should keep in their minds when it comes to BDSM or Master/slave(submissive) relationships. There is a fine line that can easily cross into an abusive relationship if not handled with care. Individuals may disagree with my response and I welcome you to add your commentary to the blog if you want to talk about your story or opinion on the matter.

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