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Laptop, Oh Laptop

Dear Whip and Apple readers,

Sorry lovelies for not putting up anything lately. You want to know why? My laptop stopped working and will not let me grab anything from the hard drive. I had to take it into two individuals who were not able to and I just now paid 60 bucks to have it sent into the manufacturer for them to take a whack at it. I have to remember everything I wanted to write out for the letters and everything important on the hard drive that is three years old.

Yes, three years old. I have work that is three years old that might be erased if the manufacturer finds that a new hard drive is needed and nothing can be saved. Oh, my precious writings, images and video. Some of those images, I planned to put together to put up on the Whip and Apple site. I even had a video I was putting together to showcase a bit of what I am about as a Domme, writer and student in San Francisco.


Sick With The Allergies, Posting Is Backlogged




Damn it!

Right now, I am now sneezing and clearing my throat because I managed to bring up my winter allergies around. Usually, I am not sneezing and able to handle the weather in San Francisco but I guess my running around San Francisco and using my throat for more things beyond swallowing food and instead giving hummers has accelerated the allergies. I am allergic usually in the winter which I find strange because there should not be a reason to sneeze unless I have the flu; yet, somehow, my allergies come around when the leaves turn brown and the weather gets cold as the beaches in San Francisco. Damn, the water gets get might cold on your toes.

Also, for those who assume I am sick with something more nefarious or of the flesh. You are dead wrong. Plus get your head out of the gutter...for now.

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