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30 Days of Letters- Day 4 — Your Sibling

Letter 4 To Sibling

Dear Sister,

Hmm, what can I say to you that I do not already tell you every day? I know we fight 90 percent of the time and I am amazed we are able to get along for the other ten percent.

The roles we play say a lot about our relationship. You play the daughter who is does not like to cause mayhem or trouble. However, I enjoy causing such mayhem and taking any heat you might endure onto myself because like an older sister, it is my job. When you get into trouble for something small that might get you grounded for a week, I try my best to get into bigger trouble to have the attention focused on my mistakes and not yours. You had my back as well whenever I needed to keep things on the down low.

You were there when I was having problems with a stalker and I needed you to keep the secret from the parents. I know it was rough but once I handled the stalker, it was safe not to worry about the son of a bitch trying to call you to ask if I was trying to hide from him. That was a scary time and I am sorry for putting you through it especially when the idiot threatened to hurt you if you did not give up my new number. You told the bastard off by telling him to kiss your ass and let him know you had a tazer ready to get him in the neck. Thankfully, the stalker has left the state due to a restraining order and I have a few friends who peek on him from time to time to make sure he is not up to his old ways again.

You see, sister, you look after moi the same way I look after you. When your ex cheated on you and pissed you off, I was a bit touched you called moi to vent and have someone to talk to when you could not talk to the parentals about the situation. Remember, we always keep papi in the dark about anything in our lives that might enrage or hurt his heart. He has no idea about your ex even when you had to change your number because he kept bothering you on your cell. He just assumed it was because you were getting spam phone calls which he usually gets as well. There is no fucking way I would ever let him know about the truth nor reveal any of your other secrets. You know my secrets and I know yours which I will keep even if sometimes I wish I could tell the whole world you are no angel. Then again, I am no god damn angel too considering the shit I always get myself into and the work I do over in San Francisco.

The same things you were not up for listening when I revealed the things I do as a Domme and as Dominatrix on the side. I know you like to play dumb and cover your ears, because I think part of the reason is because you do not want to imagine moi striking a submissive over the bottom with a paddle or trampling over a switch with the riding boots mami gifted moi as a late birthday present. Hell, you were a bit surprised and wondered if I was truly bisexual and not a lesbian when I revealed my sexual orientation to you.

You were convinced I was full blown lesbian about to marry or shack up with a nice butch-looking lesbian or I would be the butch in the relationship. It amused moi every time I come home, you keep asking whether I have turned fully lesbian and plan to bring home a female lover to introduce to the familia. You even have a predication of how my lesbian lover is going to look like and how I am going to meet her. I doubt I am going to run into her as a coffee shop since I am not a coffee lover but you might be right in meeting her at a bookstore.

I really cannot believe sometimes how right you can be when it comes to my life. I thought I was supposed to be the one who looked after you and I did when we were younger, but now it is you who keeps making sure I am not trying to go off the deep end. No, I have not gone into drugs but you did catch moi when I entered into too many foul relationships. You were right about that idiot, Pa., and you might be right about the female lover but right now, I enjoy both sides of the male and female line.

For now, try to keep yourself out of trouble while you make sure I do not end up in a holding tank for being too rowdy in public. I know you are always going to be watching me and even stalking me on every possible site to see what I am up to, just keep away from the sites where you have to pay money to see moi. What? I like to make my money by kicking a submissive's ass.

Your loving sister,

Miss Marguerite

P.S.: I was the one who took your barbie doll and burned along with taking your ice cream a few months ago.

P.S.S.: The photographer is from a Deviantart photographer. I enjoyed the picture and it has been a few years since I last remembered who it is but you have to give props to this lovely for the image.


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