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Word To The Spammers Part 2

Word To The Spammers Once Again:

Those who keep trying to spam my thread will always be shown the deleted door. The past few weeks I have been deleting unapproved spam from my inboxes and none will ever get a chance to spam or spread anything spam worthy across my comment boards. No spam will ever get through to the website nor will it affect the viewership of the readers of my lovely blog. You can all stop trying because you are never going to show up on here.

Luckily, the approval thread stops them whenever I have to see what new comments showed up and whether I want to give them the green light to show up on my blog posts. So whoever is spamming, you better stop because your efforts are being wasted. I am not going to give in and I am not going to let you spam me with viagra ads and donkey sex. If I wanted donkey sex, I would go down to Tijuana and pay to see a good donkey show.

This picture was rearranged and changed around by the lovely Leighdy. She wanted to fix an avatar I use but I still enjoy my usual one of bloody red lips.

Miss Marguerite



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