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Loteria aka With The Familia

I am taking the time to inform everyone, I am with the familia for the holidays. Mmm, I love getting away from San Francisco, because coming home means the familia will take the stage in performing. If being a Domme is one thing, try being an Aunt or a cousin to the lot that I call the familia.

Now, the familia is neurotic, loud, proud and a tight-knit group. It is how I am able to be supported by certain familia members in my Domme profession and pursuing degrees in sexuality.

Tonight, a game shall be played and it is called loteria. It is the most politically incorrect and ever amusing card game. It is like bingo, but with pictures and names of objects. Take a look and see the image for yourself.

There are different cards with more images, one of which is El Negrito or "The Black Guy". The familia plans to play this and I plan to win some money in order to spend it on them later. The one time I am willing to pay to play.


Happy Holidays lovelies.



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