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I Really Need To Stop Disappearing

Yet, I cannot seem to promise it with the busy schedule I have kept for the last few weeks. In fact, my life here in San Francisco has become more busy in school, work, and friends than ever before. Of course, I have slowed down in the sexual arenas because I cannot schedule enough sexual liaisons on my own schedule. It seems the lovers want their own time and place to enjoy moi. Yet, I cannot and will not change my schedule around for someone who is prone to being late to a date or even to a fuck buddy slot.

Yes, I schedule my fucks and my dates out to a T. If I am bored with a date, I usually end it right after enjoying some dinner, take some left overs, and make my leave as quickly as possible. If a fuck is becoming more of moi laying on the bed and just looking at the ceiling to count the cracked lines of paint, I end it by telling them it is just not working for me. Some will complain about not being able to finish and others will be gracious enough to hoist their bodies off of me. Usually, I am the one on top, but if it is a boring sexual encounter to begin with, I end up not mustering any faux energy into a conquest. This has happened once, but it had to with the fact it was a small car and not a lot of room to move around. By the end, we both agreed to give up the fight and just have some heavy petting.

I wonder if he is still trying to figure out how to fuck in his tiny car or even in his tinier one bedroom dormitory over the Bay Bridge. I hope he is able to at least enjoy being an exhibitionist if he has any shot of being able to fuck beyond his tiny car and bedroom.

I will tell you more later, but I have to get running to my Cognitive class and feign interest while writing a paper for another class. What can I say? I am bored of school now and I want to sink my teeth into applying what I know into the field.

Whip in one hand and tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

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