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Marguerite Is Here And Is She Queer?

Haha, well, it is a question I have gotten from a lot of people and even a few friends. I am not saying it is a bad thing to ask because I do have a personality that is open to both sides. Well to let it be known, I am bisexual and what is wrong about being someone on the fence about whether to be straight or lesbian? A few friends of mine tell me that being bisexual is a cop out because I do not know what I want in a relationship. Interesting to hear my friends say that because I seem to have more relationships and stable ones at that then with them being one or the other. However, I am not promoting or hating on either sides of the fences but I am saying that I enjoy where I am right now.

As a bisexual female, I get into relationships and crushes with either gender. I do not really notice the fact one has girly bits and the other has twig and berries. Instead, I look to whether I connect with that person and if we can start something. I have dated an equal amount of men and women, a few have gone into sexual relations which goes to show I do not care what is beneath a person's article of clothing.

Any who, just wanted to put out that yes, I am a queer female (usually I identify under the name of bisexual or queer) and yes I adore men and women but no do not think I am saying I am bisexual to fit in, look cool to the popular masses, or even snatch potential people from others. Though I cannot help it if some people want to hang out with me and date me.

With a whip in one hand and a tempting apple in the other,

Miss Marguerite

Originally posted: 10.14.2008


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