Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

We have been reading too much about Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) lately. Not many sources provide precise information on what causes erectile dysfunction. This article is developed with focus of providing precise information on what exactly causes erectile dysfunction.

Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction:
Erectile Dysfunction or ED is sexual anomaly associated with men’s health. The disorder negatively influences the erectile mechanism of the male reproductive organ. While trying to indulge in coital activity the affected male individual does not attain suitable erection necessary for ensuring pleasurable sexual activity. Even if he attains some erection it will not last for long. This is why the sexual life of the sufferer becomes less pleasurable. More over the condition also serves as a threat to the relationship.

Chief cause of ED:
The chief cause of Erectile Dysfunction is said to be insufficient supply of blood to the penile shafts. The male phallus suffers from blood deficiency if circulation is not proper and hindered due to any reason. There are two crucial penile shafts explained through the anatomy of penis; these are scientifically referred to as ‘Corpora Cavernous’. These shafts are cylindrical sponge-like structure which gets filled and makes the male sexual organ engorged. Hence, if the sexual region does not attain sufficient supply of blood then erectile mechanism becomes affected.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction:
There are several conditions which may result in ED but experts especially highly four main physical anomalies which lead to impotence.

Vasculogenic disorders: Vasculogenic disorder causes ED by affecting the circulation of blood to phallus. The Vasculogenic is generally used to refer to any of the various conditions. Cardiovascular disease is a heart and/ or blood vessels associated Vasculogenic disease for example atherosclerosis. High blood pressure which is technically referred to as hypertension is another vasculogenic condition. Diabetes mellitus is another condition under this category and is highly blamed for causing ED in many cases.

Hormonal Changes:
Hormones are crucial building blocks of our body. Majority of biomechanics in our body are depended on hormonal aspects. Hence, any hormonal anomaly relevant to sexual traits may probably cause erectile dysfunction. Hypogonadism is one such hormonal condition which may cause erectile dysfunction as a symptom. This condition may hinder the production of male sex hormone known testosterone and cause testosterone deficiency.

Overactive thyroid gland which is a condition that is also referred to as hyperthyroidism is another cause of ED in some cases. Under prevalence of hyperthyroidism the gland produces too much testosterone than normal. In contrary to this underactive thyroid gland or hypothyroidism is a condition wherein the gland produces considerably less amount of hormone. Cushing’s Syndrome is yet another condition that may contribute to cause erectile dysfunction. Due to this condition the production of Cortisol hormone reduces.

Neurogenic Conditions:
Neurogenic Condition is in fact yet another category of diseases. There are several neurogenic conditions but some common conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction are mentioned below.
A good example of neurogenic condition can be multiple sclerosis. This condition has influence on the actions of the body as well as its activities for example, coordination of limbs and balance. Parkinson’s disease is another neurogenic physical issues which hindrance the coordination between the brain and other body parts. It actually affects, walking, talking etc. Similarly there are other causes such as minor spine injury or stroke which affects brain directly.

Anatomical causes of erectile dysfunction:
Anatomical condition, as the name would suggest, is any condition associated with the physical structure of the affected region. For example in case of erectile dysfunction the affected region is the penis. One of the most common anatomical anomalies associated with the penis is Peyronie’s Disease. This condition affects the tissues in the phallus and may cause slight bent in the penile shaft causing painful experience and difficulty while penetrating the phallus into female organ. This condition may also cause Erectile Dysfunction.

Medicinal Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:
Erectile Dysfunction may also occur due to consumption of some medicines. In this case it can be regarded as medicinal side effects. Such ED cases are often temporary and may ebb away with cessation of the drug use. Some drugs that may cause ED are listed below.

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